Tuesday, July 28, 2009

July 21, 2009

Steve is feeling a bit better.  He stayed home today so he could start his full dose of steroids.  I’d love to stay home a play nurse (not) but I have plans today.  Tina with her 2, Wati with her 2 and me with my 2 are spending the day at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens!!!  I have lived right here for almost 9 years and today I get to finally check it out.

I’m so impressed with the gardens that I just might have to get a family membership!  There are tons of things going on in here.  It’s absolutely beautiful.  The kids have a special section to learn and play and even have water fun.  I can’t possible post all 235 pictures that I took so here are my favorites….

July 20, 2009


Steve woke me up to check out his stings this morning.  2 looked pretty bad so he called in, crawled back to bed and slept a bit.   Off to Patient First when he wakes up.

He IS having an allergic reaction.  He also found another bite on the top of his right hand.  So, he has stings right above his right knee, right hand, on his belly between his belly button and hip (on the right) and one right above his right elbow more to the back side of his arm.  So not fun.  They gave him a steroid shot, a steroid z-pack and told him to stay home tomorrow.

Around 8pm he starts to feel bad again.  He’s sweaty, clammy, stomach not right, very thirsty and after he scratches the one on his hand notices it swelling more and more.  All of the bites started swelling almost like they were balloons being blown up.  The one on his hand swelled so bad, you couldn’t see his knuckle.  The one on his upper arm was as big as a soft ball and 3/4 around his arm. 

Off to Patient First again.

Now his got a shot of Epinephrine, a script for 2 Epi pens and Benadryl.  Super, a second reaction.  He was really shaky when he got back, she said he would from the shot.  Poor guy! 

Nurse Thompson, reporting for duty.

July 19, 2009

Suppose to be a relaxing day.  I had a couple things to pick up at Wally World and the Fresh Market.  I managed to get off by myself.. NO KIDS!  Yippee for me!

I pull in the driveway to see Jason at the gate…

Jason: do you have any other wasp killer inside?

Me: no.

Jason: well, we need some right away.

Me: I need to put my cold things away and then I can go.  Why?

Jason: (starting to smile) Well, I wish I had a video camera ‘cuz we could go on Funniest Videos!  Steve was edging near the fence and got attacked by bees.  He walked back and back and back and fell right in the pool!  It was the funniest thing I ever saw!

Me: OMG!  Is he alright?

Jason: Yeah, he’s inside changing his clothes.

So much for a relaxing day!  He got stung 6 times by a swarm of yellow jackets.  Good thing he fell in the pool!!   The dang things were burrowed under the ground between us and the neighbors. 

Funny that after he got attacked, the daughter says “Oh yeah, me and Alicia got stung 20+ times the other day.  At least you don’t have hair for them to get stuck in.”  WHAT?!?!?!   20+ times?  And you were gonna share this with us… when?   Would be important information for us to know when MY husband is the only one that makes sure the fence between our yards is tidy. 

I’m sad to report that I did not take any pictures of this event.  Steve seemed to be alright the rest of the day.  I kept a very close eye on him.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 18, 2009

Our challenge this week is to show our kitchen and answer a few questions.  

Since we rent, we can’t really paint.  She says we can but we have to paint it back white before we move out.  No thanks.  If I could paint it, I think I’d go with either yellow or green.  I have maroon as accents (rugs and a few towels) and I’m trying to find the old time metal signs to hang on the walls.  Ok, let’s see the real things……



This is the doorway to the dinning room.  I love the butcher block table.  My mom gave it to me.  I do most all my prep work right there.  It’s the perfect height for me.  I also use the hooks to hang recipes off of.  Love it!

The stove we got up the road for $75.  We HATE it.  It is off level, the burners work when they want and the oven is no where near calibrated.  Hate it!



Here is the dreaded refrigerator.  I’ve posted about it before, it was a gift from Steve’s mom.  We are very grateful!  Without it, we would have a cooler in it’s spot and be buying bags of ice everyday.  

Four years into owning it, it leaks.  It leaks down under the drawers and then onto the floor.  I really, really, really want a new one.  Hopefully soon!!!



The door leads to Nathan’s room but we blocked it on both sides.  Dog bowl on the floor, cat’s on the table.  If the cat’s food wasn’t on the table, they would never have any food.  Poor girls.  The mini fridge is our “beer fridge”.  It was an idea of Ty’s since every time he came over, there wasn’t any room for his beer in the big fridge.  So, this one holds nothing but beer.  Actually, the bottled water is in there too.  The bag holds recycle cans and the box is recycle for pick up.  We have gotten very green around here.  :-)



This cabinet was made custom for us by (cough, hack) George.  I would be lost without it.  It stores all my Tupperware, fryer, crock-pot, toaster, tool box, Dutch oven.  On top is the microwave and toaster oven.  Plus Steve’s 2 cup coffee maker from Gevalia. 

La, tee, da.



Here is the doorway to the back room.  The step stool had to be pried from my mother’s hands.  See, it was my high chair as a baby and I used it as a step stool all growing up.  It’s been painted every color under the sun… white is a good match for now.  I keep the trash on it so the cat’s don’t knock it over.  Funny that they can prolly get in it better on the chair but they don’t mess with it at all!  I’ve seen copy cat chairs like it at Target and some blogs.  Mine is the true blue vintage chair.  Thanks for parting with it, Mom!  Love it!!



And here is the last of our kitchen.  Actually, this is all we got when we moved in.  The rest of the kitchen was totally empty.  I love having a window at the sink and a dishwasher.  I hate that we only have 2, yes two drawers.  My silverware is on the counter.  I do have them in cute holders from Ikea but I’d prefer them neatly in a drawer.


Ok, Nosey Rosey, that is my kitchen.  It’s not what I prefer but it’s very workable.  My true dream is to have glass front cabinets … LOTS of them and so much counter space that I complain it’s too much to clean!  One day.  Maybe.

Monday, July 20, 2009

July 17, 2009


I forgot to tell you all that we set up our pool.   The children have only used it once so far.  It really hasn’t been very hot.  I tried to convince Steve to get the 12’ pool at Wal-mart.  That didn’t work.  Maybe next summer!  Now that the pool is set up, when it gets hot, I’ll be able to work on my tan.  I have a flip flop tan already.  It’s not very attractive.  I like when my feet do NOT have white straps across them.  Sorry, I got side tracked!  I’m sure there will be tons more pictures pool side.  I’ll have to get some good ones of them in their suits.  Sarah is so adorable in her little 2 piece number while Nathan is nothing but a surfer dude in his WAY huge long trunks from his cousin.  Whew!  I’ll share more of all that later.

July 16, 2009


I’d like you all to meet Jasmine.   She is Jason and Jenny’s dog… mostly Jason’s.   Jasmine is a very good dog.   She usually comes right in and eats all of the food left in Jack’s bowl.  Then she searches the house for each of us so she can lick us clean.  All the while, shedding as much black hair around the house as she can.   Outside, she makes sure that none of the children can play ball without her.  Any ball!  



Here she is eating Jason’s bomb pop.   She tried several times to take it out of his hands but without thumbs of her own, she kept dropping the stick.  She licked the whole thing though.


Good Girl, Jazzy!!

July 15, 2009


We visited the local pet store today.  I didn’t get too close in this room… reptiles.  Ewwww.  I did think these little lizard type things were pretty cute.  Oh not to bring home!  How dare you even think that!   They were just cute all looking at us at the same time.   This is what I wanted to bring home……



I could just eat this puppy right up!  So adorable and lovey.  There would be two problems with this puppy.  First, we already have Jack and his old age plus being deaf… not a good idea.  Second, the pet store wanted $859 for him.  That was $850 more than what I had in my wallet.

One day, puppy, one day.

July 14, 2009




Did you know that AMF has a program where your kids can bowl 2 games for FREE, every day this summer?  Tracie shared the website with me….. TAKE THE KIDS BOWLING.  Thanks, Tracie! *wink, hug*

I do have to warn you that shoe rental is NOT free!  Our bowling alley charges $4.77 per pair.  If we had our own shoes, it would be free.  I’ve found out that finding bowling shoes for children is close to impossible.  I did found them online but I’m not totally sure about shoes online.  Bad part is that we only go 2 times a week instead of 5.   Good part, it’s fun for them both and just costs me $10 each time.

July 13, 2009




This girl is a very happy girl.  She has eaten 3 servings of meat tonight.  I made flank steak.  Not totally sure that the meat is what keeps her eating.  






She keeps asking for “1-A”. 

Took awhile to get what she meant, but once we sat down……


We all love some “1-A”.


July 12, 2009


We HAD to flea bomb our house today.  We have been bitten long enough.  Our poor animals need to rest from biting and scratching themselves.  As Steve was pushing me out the door, I managed to snap this picture of the can in the back room.  We set off 3 total and just hope and pray that all the fleas die. 


We can’t come in for at least 2 hours.   What to do?  Well, we left the keys to the vehicles in the house.  Can’t leave.  Why not wash them?  Geesh.   I’m so lucky.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 11, 2009



Hard to imagine that this was a seed just a few months ago.  It said it was a “miniature” sunflower.  Seems like a full size flower to me.  Maybe not a full size sunflower but full size regular flower.  I love it.  We HAD 2 other ones that were doing wonderful until….  Sarah and Nathan were playing and bent the stalks.  Dead.  Only this one is alive.  Sad, very sad.



Oh, Tina and I had an awesome yard sale today.  We both did wonderful selling our gently used crap.  What did not sell went into the truck and straight to Good Will.  It’s gone. Out of here.   Now if I can just not go shopping……


Yeah, right.

July 10, 2009


On my way home from Wal-Mart today, I spotted Speedy Gonzalez.  Never noticed him up on that rock before.  No Mexican holiday coming that I can think of.  Interesting.  Maybe he’s just passing thru town on his way to see his other cousins.  Let me know if you spot him in your neighborhood.

July 9, 2009

OMG!!                       BIG BROTHER IS BACK!!!!!


We wait all year long for Big Brother.  We look forward to the drama each and every show.  Now we are locked in every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights till it’s over.  I haven’t picked a favorite player just yet.. have you?

July 8, 2009

SD532693 SD532694

I have never, in my life, seen boys with never ending perma-grins.  I think these two missed each other WAY more than I missed Nathan …. AND I’M HIS MOTHER!!  Holy Moly.  These boys are best friends to the end.  They each had to brag on what “amazing” things they did in their video games.  Most of what I heard went like this:

N:  I got a blank blank in my game.

C: No, really

N: I did!

C: Well, I got a blank blank blank in that game.

N: really?  Show me.

(puke!)  And they say that girls are catty.  HUH?  No, actually, they were both very cute.  It was extremely clear that they both missed each other and were very glad to be back.  I hate to spring it on Chad that we are leaving again for a week in August.  Geesh.  We might have to take him along.  NO!  NO! You can’t make me!  They will have to miss each other once more.  Last time till school starts.

July 7, 2009


We didn’t really plan to meet up with my parents until the last minute but it worked out good all around.  We got to see my Dad the day before his birthday.  Good for me since I didn’t mail a card!  I know, I’m so bad.  I would have made up for it but it was nice that I didn’t have to.  We bought him $20 in gift certificates to Sonic.  His favorite!!!  He’s there EVERYDAY between 2-4 for his extra large diet drink for $1 or sometimes it’s free.  Good thing Sonic is just up the road from their house.   I think it takes him longer to cross over Celanese Road than it does to get there and back.



Hope you had a great day, Dad!

Love ya!





Oh and PS.  My mom has Bronchitis (or like Nathan told me “bron-ca-hi-tis) and is sick now for 2 weeks.  I hate when either one of them are sick and I live so far away.  Get better, Mom!!

*July 13th she went back to work*

July 6, 2009


This boy is a site for sore eyes! 

Last night, on the phone, he said he wanted to come home.  We all did some arranging and Wha-la…. we are off to meet half way (170 miles ONE WAY)  and take him home with us. 

I think since we live so far from family we don’t know what it’s like to be without either of the children.  We are a family unit of 4 and that’s how we roll.  Having my boy gone for 2 weeks was very hard on all of us.  My parents are glad their grocery bill has gone back to normal with the bottomless pit gone. 

Glad you are home, Boo.  We missed you!

July 5, 2009

Don’t mean to make you all jealous and all but I had to share. 

I have a helper here with me. 

My helper is willing and able to do many things. 

My helper seems to pop around the corner just in time to “help”. 

My helper sometimes begs to help. 

Wouldn’t you like a helper like this?  I bet you are smiling and shaking your head yes no.  Here is my helper at work….



She is busy, very, very busy.  Helping.







Helping to create………….…. THIS!------------------------------->



Is that amazing?  Sometimes, I don’t even know what to do with the help that I get from her.  So helpful.  So, um, what are the words I’m looking for?  Neat?  Amazing?  Interesting? Oh wait, I got it…..  USELESS!

But she’s MY helper! 

Go get your own!!!

July 4, 2009



I have to say that this is the best picture of the whole day.  I’m not totally sure how I managed to get it but it’s a keeper!  Steve was shooting off bottle rockets and I actually caught the smoke trail.  If you look close enough, you can see the bottom of the stick!!!!!  How cool is that?!?!


We brought back from NC $250 worth of fireworks.  I think next to Thanksgiving (due to the food), the 4th of July is Steve’s most favorite holiday.  He’s not so much a pyro, but loves the noise that accompanies the explosion.  If you are into watching, I took video of all we did.  You can find those videos HERE.  Don’t feel pressure to watch any or all of them.  I made them to post on Face book so Nathan could see them.  He got to see the Charlotte Knights baseball game with their fireworks show.  Lucky dog!

July 3, 2009



I know you recognize these 3.  Big bad meanie there at the bottom has been worrying us.  He hasn’t eaten in 2 days but is breathing and looking around.  Steve asked if I wanted him to flush it… umm, NO!  We only flush them when they are dead and gone.  This poor fish is suffering from something and a ride on the porcelain express isn’t gonna make him better.  Too bad there aren’t fish doctors that make house calls.  I’d call.

Get better big fat meanie.

July 2, 2009


Doesn’t this excite you?  Does me!  I had to buy some more of my most favorite glue.  Oh and of course, I had a 40% off coupon.  Can’t waste that! DUH!  I will have to remember to take a picture at the other M’s by me.  It’s newer and fancy.   This one will do in a pinch! :-)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

July 1, 2009

Steve was home.. again… today.  I know it’s just 2 days but come on.  Alright, he did get some good things done today.  We mulched around our poor tree.  Watered the garden before noon.  Hung the curtain hold back thingies in Sarah’s room.  Then we went and ate Mexican.  YUM!

SD532605 SD532606

Isn’t Mark so cute?!?!  We have made it our tradition to take pictures when we eat Mexican (not totally sure why but we do).  He didn’t even see my camera come out and I’m sure if he wasn’t on the inside, he would have ran.  Ha ha!!  Gotcha, Mark.

June 30, 2009

Steve was home today.  Nice to have him home, sort of.  Odd in the middle of the week but we made it thru.  Today was also the day that Mark came to town!! Yippee!!  He drove down from Ohio for the 4th.  It was good for Steve to be here and spend time with him.

I convinced Steve to go with me to the Sears outlet store to look for a fridge.  I know you know how much I’m not liking our current fridge.  Such a mess to keep up with.  So we found a super nice fridge.  I love it.  But we did not get approved for finance.  We left without a fridge.  It was very sad for me. 



I did HAVE to take this picture as we were leaving.  So funny to see that little, itty, bitty car next to our truck.  I seriously don’t even think it’s as big as our cab.   Can you just hear it’s horn…. (super high pitch) beep, beep.

June 29, 2009


I decorated our garden for the 4th!  These lanterns I bought at Big Lots a couple years ago 1/2 price.  They light up.  So adorable.  I just need to remember to take them in if it rains so they don’t get ruined.

Our plants are doing so good!!!!  I think at least 4 tomato plants have small green tomatoes on them and looks like a couple of the pepper plants have little buds too.  Not totally sure about the peppers since I’ve never grown them before.  I did try to get a picture of the baby tomatoes but my camera doesn’t do very well up close and personal.

June 28, 2009

We were silly today.  We also had PJ day today.  You know the saying goes, Mama’s boy and Daddy’s girl.  We are no exception.   Sarah is taking full advantage of being the only one here with Nathan still in NC.   They are both hams if you ask me!

SD532579 SD532580 SD532581 SD532582 SD532583

June 27, 2009

Saturday already?  Whew!  Where does the time go?  This morning, like every morning, Sarah wakes up and immediately says “I’m hungry”.  Most days she eats donuts.  Quick, easy and yummy.  Today I suggested cereal.   She agreed.

Ok, back track a little.  Before I had kids, I worked full time.   The last job I had before having Nathan was at Corporate Construction in Charlotte.  I loved that job.  Very flexible. Very fun.  I worked with a guy, Tommy.  So funny!  We used to eat breakfast together.  Some days he’d bring in those mini boxes of cereal so there was variety.  He used to say “I ate this WHOLE box!!” and pull out a mini box of cereal.  Ok, I thought it was funny. 



With Sarah eating a mini box today, I had her say it…  “I ate this whole box”

Sadly, she did not eat the whole box.  Sad.  Wasteful. 

June 26, 2009

SD532595 SD532601 SD532600


This mailbox is for Madeline.  Ok, I know you all just said DUH but whatever.  Madeline is the daughter of a friend of my mom.  Get that?  When I go back to the Carolinas in August, Madeline will get this in her own little, cutie hands.  Good?  Good!   In this mailbox I got to use 2 of my most favorite things.  First, my new fence border punch (love it!!) and second.. butterflies!!!!!  I sure hope that Madeline loves it also.

These mailboxes are so adorable when decorated.  And the possibilities are endless!!!  I do seem to have troubles making them for the male species but it can be done.

June 25, 2009

With all this vacation stuff going on, I haven’t shared my creations.  Before we left, I made this….


SD532592 SD532593


OMG!!  Is that not the cutest thing ever?  You all know that I’m addicted to Google Reader, right?!?!  Thru one of the many 1,000 posts, I got a link to this blog from Sue Berker.  Make sure you check out her blog!  This template was a “must do” in my book since Steve is a driver for UPS.  I was going to try to duplicate the logo and then I remembered, I cut the designs off a pair of old socks he had.  Wha-la!  An authentic UPS label!  No, there isn’t one on the other side.  I figured that you couldn’t see both sides at once so why waste the other one. Now I can make another if I want.  I would have to get some more jumbo black brads for the wheels, since I used the last 4 I had! 

Too cute!

June 24, 2009

Ok, I’m wrong.  Yesterday I painted at Tina’s house.  See what happens when I don’t post as things happen?!?!?  Geesh. 

So I went and had an eye exam at Pearle Vision.  Haven’t had an eye exam in forever.  My vision isn’t too bad.  20/30 in both eyes, I think.  Hard to read those reports.  Ha!  I have 2 conditions.  Hyperopia – difficulty seeing near.  Presbyopia (getting old disease the Dr. called it) – difficulty focusing up close.  I need glasses to see things up close.. DUH!  That was why I went.  My arms just aren’t long enough anymore.  

After the eye Dr., Sarah and I headed to Tina’s to help paint.  Of course, I didn’t take out my camera… might get paint on it!  I got paint on most parts of my own body so why bring the camera into that mess?! 



While we were there, Madison gave Sarah her drawing easel…..

I’ve already found out that you DO NOT erase what is there to write ANYTHING.  Unless you ask. 

The other side has a paper pad for her to draw on.  So cool!  I know I would have loved to have one of these when I was a little girl.  But NOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo.  Sorry, I’m over that.  Sarah really loves to draw while she watches movies in her room.  Who knew.

Oh and my glasses should be in some time around July 4th.  I can’t wait!!!