Thursday, July 2, 2009

June 27, 2009

Saturday already?  Whew!  Where does the time go?  This morning, like every morning, Sarah wakes up and immediately says “I’m hungry”.  Most days she eats donuts.  Quick, easy and yummy.  Today I suggested cereal.   She agreed.

Ok, back track a little.  Before I had kids, I worked full time.   The last job I had before having Nathan was at Corporate Construction in Charlotte.  I loved that job.  Very flexible. Very fun.  I worked with a guy, Tommy.  So funny!  We used to eat breakfast together.  Some days he’d bring in those mini boxes of cereal so there was variety.  He used to say “I ate this WHOLE box!!” and pull out a mini box of cereal.  Ok, I thought it was funny. 



With Sarah eating a mini box today, I had her say it…  “I ate this whole box”

Sadly, she did not eat the whole box.  Sad.  Wasteful. 

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