Thursday, October 29, 2009

September Recap

Way too much time has passed for me to post each day that I missed.  So, I decided to do a recap of the month.  Actually, I’ll recap September and October and start fresh each day on November 1st!  Good plan?  Good plan!


Let’s see…. My mom had SD533158her actual birthday on Sept. 3rd.  HAPPY 60th BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!!

Nathan started 3rd grade!   He wished and hoped and prayed to get Mrs. Meals for a teacher.  When we got to open house, he was in Ms. Williams’ class. 


Oh wait, Ms. Williams’ IS the former Mrs. Meals!!!!  Horray for us!!




We changed out his old furniture for Grandpa’s old stuff.   This Daniel Boone bedroom furniture was made in St. Louis over 70 years ago.  My dad and his brother had matching beds, a night table and a dresser.  I’m so amazed at how nice it all still is.  My brothers used it all when they were young and my sister’s nephew used it till Nathan.  We all just have to get used to walking out a bit further so that gun barrel doesn’t keep stubbing our toes!!







Stephen got very sick.  It all started with a simple cold, turned into a lung infection and he ended up sick for 2 1/2 weeks!  The best thing to come from that was……HE QUIT SMOKING!!    His doctor told him if he did not quit smoking, he wouldn’t be around much longer.  It is SO nice to have a smoke free house now.




Here is a funny (sorta).  We watched a show one night about the affects of Meth.  It was very sad to see so many young kids affected so horribly but it was a good way for Nathan to learn a bit about drug abuse.   While we were in CVS, Nathan asked if that was meth. I looked over and said that the drugs behind the counter are the ones that you use to make meth like on the TV show.  He said no, THAT…..    Holding in laughter, I said, “No, Menthol cough drops are NOT meth.”




Sarah got new bedding from Aunt Jan.  I think the bright colors really change her room.  Don’t worry, Cinderella is in the closet and we will bring her out again.





We had a girl day.  Tina, Jenny, Sarah and I.  We had lunch at Sagebrush.  Sarah was loving being able to throw our peanut shells on the floor!   After we ate (and looked a bit at Michael’s) we checked out the costume shop.  Now, you might not find this picture of Tina very funny but we couldn’t stop laughing.  I had to point my camera at her and hope I got a good picture ‘cuz I was laughing so hard, I was crying.

It’s always a great girl day when you laugh THAT hard!!




Not sure about you, but I like doing day by day.  I hate to over load one post but so much happens in 30 days.   Onward and upward!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

OMG! Check us out…

My mom and I are on the Making Memories blog today!!! They asked for stories about breast cancer, either survivor or supporter.  My mom and I both sent in stories and Wha-la!  Bummer that they did a typo on the first sentence “Becky Thompson is a 2 time cancer survivor…” should have been “Michelle Barnett…..”.  No matter.  It’s very exciting to see us on their blog.

Love ya, Mom! *big hugs*