Monday, June 29, 2009

June 23, 2009

Made a trip to Target today.  Just need a couple things.


SD532574 SD532575


That crazy Sarah!  She snuck pictures again!  She told me that she just wanted to look at the pictures I had on my camera.   Sneaky girl!!  Guess we all know what is important to her, huh?!  Sunglasses and a soda.  Ah, the simple yet good things in life.

June 22, 2009

I have no pictures to share for today.  Today was my first day at home, without Nathan, without Steve, just me and Sarah.  It was also the first day I was on the computer in over a week!  I had 125 aol emails, 245 yahoo emails and 1000+ on google reader.  I was a complete computer zombie today.  I never got dressed.  Don’t remember if I even brushed my teeth.  Gross I know but don’t we all need one of those days every once and awhile?! 

Yes, yes we do!

June 21, 2009


Today I cleaned closets.  I found enough cat hair in my closet to make a 3rd cat!  Ewwww!  Sarah’s closet had way too many baby things still in it.  Plus clothes that if I don’t pay attention to, will be too small for her to wear.  She picked a couple of her favorites to wear immediately.  Don’t you love her hippy chick look?  Sometimes I wonder, I really wonder. 

June 20, 2009



Here is one of my finds while on our way home yesterday.  We stopped in Tennessee and picked up just a couple things.  I found a neat shelf, this sign and Steve bought a railroad plate for one of his friends on his route.  

We hung this sign on the right side of the kitchen door, in the dinning room.  I will write, in chalk, everyday what is for dinner. How fun is that?  And it was only $3!!!  BONUS!

June 19, 2009

We were all very sad to see Nathan leave with MIL and FIL.  We had been talking about it all week but when the time came, it came way too fast.  Nathan will be spending a week at their house and then heading down to spend time with my parents.  I know he’ll have a great time but I miss him already!

Since we are on the West side of NC, we decided to get around the mountain and head up 81 home.  What a great idea!  The scenery all the way home was amazing!  Not totally sure how long it took to get home since we stopped several times but it was worth it all.  I got some great antiques that I’ll share another day.  Here are the state signs and a couple other fun things to share….

SD532562 SD532563


We stopped to eat at a dinner right here at the line.  So close that Sarah and I walked roadside to get these pictures.  COOL!!!



SD532565 SD532566 SD532568 SD532569



Aside from the rear view mirror and guard rail, looks almost like a painting.  If we could, we’d move to the mountains to live forever.  Too bad UPS doesn’t transfer.  At least we know great vacation spots!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

June 18, 2009

Today we find an easier hike.  We decide to do Upper Pond Creek.  It is a quiet nature hike next to a beautiful stream amongst some homes.  So pretty!  It was nice to leisurely walk with Steve and take pictures of all the scenery.  Here are just a couple pictures…

SD532411 SD532416 SD532423 SD532450 SD532452 SD532460

At the end of the trail, we met up with the family and they decide to tackle Lower Pond Creek.  MIL and FIL took the children with them and we stopped every chance we could.  We were grateful to stop when we did since we got to see a beautiful waterfall.



This is what the entire “path” looked like on the Lower Pond Creek trail.  Nice, huh?!





 SD532499 SD532501 SD532514 SD532522 SD532527 SD532519 SD532535 SD532493 SD532497

We did manage to get the whole trail (down and back up) done in 3 hours, right before the down pour of rain came.  In total, Upper and lower is 4 miles round trip.  Sarah managed to do the whole thing without any complaint or anyone carrying her.  She is a trooper and super strong.

June 17, 2009

Woke up to rain today.  MIL and FIL were going to wake Nathan up early to take him fishing but not with this crazy rain.   We know there will be a break by the afternoon so we played games….











I took this one and then said to Steve “hey, doesn’t this picture look like all the ones I take of you at home?”  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Oh wait, my side hurts Ha ha ha ha ha.




We did get a break in the rain so we all headed out to Buckeye lake to sneak in some fishing.  I say sneak since not one of us had a license to fish.  Doesn’t matter much since all the lures were WAY too big for the fish we attracted! :-)  We did go on an unexpected hike.  It was very small but with all the wetness, I slipped and pulled each and every muscle in my entire body.  Fun I tell ya, fun.  Enjoy!

SD532362 SD532373 SD532384 SD532381 SD532392 SD532397 SD532404

June 16, 2009

Said goodbye to Mom and Dad.  Headed up to Beech Mt. to spend the rest of the week with Steve’s parents.  It was about a 2 1/2 hour ride Northwest.  We stopped to eat in a little local place, very good breakfast at 11:30!  We were looking for Waffle House to give the kids an “experience” but couldn’t find one.  The shame not to find Waffle House in NC!!

Our first day on the mountain, we went for a hike.  I was foolish to believe my mother-in-law that it was a short hike!  We hiked to the top of Ski Beech ski resort!  5506 elevation.  Highest point east of the Rocky Mountains!  Yup.  That was our “short” hike the first day.  I will say that the view was amazing but as you will see, Sarah had to be carried often.   Enjoy!

SD532341 SD532343 SD532348 SD532350 SD532351 SD532352 SD532353 SD532356

June 15, 2009

Me and the kids drove out to my Mom’s work today to have lunch with her.  My mom works at Inspirational Network TV (INSP) and they just moved from Charlotte out to Fort Mill, SC.  I used to work right down the street from where she is now.  It’s so amazing how things have changed out  there.  Here are some of the statue pictures I took while she gave us a tour….


This was inside the prayer center.







Here is the baptismal pool.  It’s not full because they are working on the pool in the front (and this loops around).






This is outside the building that my Mom works at.


The kids both said they look like figures from Daddy’s God’s of War video game.  Ok, they kind of do a little.  But these are WAY cooler!



Little bit that I left out from yesterday.  We did a little shopping at M’s.  Nothing major to report so I left it out.  Today, however, we found Sarah’s DS on the counter at M’s from where she put it down to play with another toy.  We TORE apart my mother’s house looking for that dang thing.  Luckily, when we retraced our steps, I remembered her using 2 hands to play with a toy at M’s.  We called but they said nothing was in lost and found.  The kids and I headed up there anyway and sure enough found it.  WHEW!!!  Neither of them are allowed to bring DS’s to the store anymore!

June 14, 2009


Today Steve played golf with Steve.  How funny is that?!  No, really,  This is Steve’s friend, Steve Vaughan.  They have been friends forever and every time we go to Charlotte, they play golf. 

Don’t expect me to give good news about their golf outing.  Neither of them play enough to say they had a “good game”.  They basically pay good money to hit a ball (or several balls) and drink beer.  As long as they have a good time, that is all that matters!



On to the serious fun stuff.

My mom found a new scrapbook store!! OMG!!  Here is her sign outside the store…..


  Is that not the best name?  I just love it! 

It isn’t a huge store but just big enough.

Oh and she sells Bella stamps!  I LOVE Bella!!  Now I finally own some!  Oh the yummy-ness of it all.





I got a shot of my mom handing over her cash!  No really, we didn’t spend too horribly much.  Enough that we will have to go back when I’m in town again in August!!!

If you are in the area, make sure you stop by and tell Jen that you saw my blog post!!  I told her that I would spread the news of her new store.