Friday, June 26, 2009

June 18, 2009

Today we find an easier hike.  We decide to do Upper Pond Creek.  It is a quiet nature hike next to a beautiful stream amongst some homes.  So pretty!  It was nice to leisurely walk with Steve and take pictures of all the scenery.  Here are just a couple pictures…

SD532411 SD532416 SD532423 SD532450 SD532452 SD532460

At the end of the trail, we met up with the family and they decide to tackle Lower Pond Creek.  MIL and FIL took the children with them and we stopped every chance we could.  We were grateful to stop when we did since we got to see a beautiful waterfall.



This is what the entire “path” looked like on the Lower Pond Creek trail.  Nice, huh?!





 SD532499 SD532501 SD532514 SD532522 SD532527 SD532519 SD532535 SD532493 SD532497

We did manage to get the whole trail (down and back up) done in 3 hours, right before the down pour of rain came.  In total, Upper and lower is 4 miles round trip.  Sarah managed to do the whole thing without any complaint or anyone carrying her.  She is a trooper and super strong.

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Maggi said...

What beautiful scenery!