Monday, June 29, 2009

June 19, 2009

We were all very sad to see Nathan leave with MIL and FIL.  We had been talking about it all week but when the time came, it came way too fast.  Nathan will be spending a week at their house and then heading down to spend time with my parents.  I know he’ll have a great time but I miss him already!

Since we are on the West side of NC, we decided to get around the mountain and head up 81 home.  What a great idea!  The scenery all the way home was amazing!  Not totally sure how long it took to get home since we stopped several times but it was worth it all.  I got some great antiques that I’ll share another day.  Here are the state signs and a couple other fun things to share….

SD532562 SD532563


We stopped to eat at a dinner right here at the line.  So close that Sarah and I walked roadside to get these pictures.  COOL!!!



SD532565 SD532566 SD532568 SD532569



Aside from the rear view mirror and guard rail, looks almost like a painting.  If we could, we’d move to the mountains to live forever.  Too bad UPS doesn’t transfer.  At least we know great vacation spots!!!

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