Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 28, 2009

My Favorite things swap package came today!!! I know, it looks like I'm stalking the mailman but that isn't true. I had to get the truck inspected today and when I was pulling into the driveway, there he was! Lucky me, huh? You know it!

Will you just look at the yummy goodness that Tawnya sent me!?!?!?! Isn't she the best? I sure think so! I love all her favorite things. I had to open the cookies to try them since I've never had them before. Very soft oreo type bottom with marshmellow goodness with sprinkles on top. YUM! The shampoo went straight into the shower so I can use it tomorrow. Dish soap at the sink, hand soap in the bathroom. I'm almost tempted to make the pound cake just to try the dessert toppings. So much for my carb-less diet! Oh and all the scrapbook yummies. I'm in heaven. Thanks so much, Tawnya! I love your favorite things!!!!

I'll be watching to do Mamarazzi's swaps again and again.

May 27, 2009



Today we moved Sarah’s bed out of my bedroom and into her own!  Our friend, Ty, moved out last Thursday.  Since we moved her out for him to move in, we are moving her back into her own room!  I’m so happy!!  Sarah is very sad.  She loves to sleep in Mommy and Daddy’s bedroom.  DUH!  Who wouldn’t? 



My big plan is to make her room be the best room in the house.. at least for her.  Here she is helping me get her day bed back together.  She is such a good helper.  When it’s all finished, I’ll take more pictures and share.

I will say that tonight was the first night that she slept in her room.  She did not wake up all night long!  We are so proud of her!!!!  Let’s just hope it lasts.  Cross everything you’ve got!!!!

May 26, 2009

Today was quiet.  Hubby back to work.  Nathan back to school.  Sarah playing in HER OWN ROOM! (more on that later *wink*)  Not really much to report.

Nathan came home from school, hubby home from work.  We ate dinner.  I told Nathan I wanted him to get in the shower when he was done eating.  Then he could have the other 1/2 of his Butterfinger bar.   I cleaned up a bit while he was showering.  He likes to play in the water. 

I was in the kitchen and heard a loud crash!  Off and running to the bathroom… kind of like that OJ Simpson commercial where he jumps over luggage at the airport.  Nathan slipped and fell!!!  HOLY!!  I can’t pick him up! He’s so heavy and just laying there crying.  He fell and hit the edge of the tub where it meets the tile wall!!  Guess it was a lucky thing that Sarah was sitting on the toilet and saw the whole thing.  Here is her version:  “Nathan was slipping and then he fell and hit hims head.”  Remember, she’s 4!



So, here we are at the doctor.  I don’t know the signs of a concussion and I’m not risking anything.  He has an egg on the back of his head that is HUGE!! Remember what happened to that Richardson lady.  You know, the one that is married to Liam Neison?  She hit her head and died 4 hours later.  I’m not taking a chance!


Of course, while we are here, he’s jumping around and being totally silly.  I asked him several times “why are we here again?” and he just laughed.  Geesh.  He had a simple contusion (bump on the head) and needs ice and ibuprofen.  SO glad I have insurance!!!!  A waste of time that I will justify by saying  better safe than sorry.  He’s just fine.

May 25, 2009


It warms my heart to see all the children play outside! 

Most of the time they complain “There isn’t anything to do!”  WHAT?  Nothing to do?  How about hide and seek? Mother may I? Red light, green light? Tag? Hop scotch? Ride bikes? Take a walk?  Roll down the hill?  OMG the list goes on and on!  Kids today have things too easy with games and cartoons non stop.  I was always outside as a kid.  At least until I heard,  “REEEEEE-BEEEEECC-CCCCAAAAAAA”  Oh man, my mom is calling me, I got get inside!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 24, 2009


*sniff, sniff*  Our family left today.  We are so sad.  COME BACK!!!  WE MISS YOU ALREADY!!!!  I hate when a good time comes to an end.  It’s just not fair!

We get a group shot of the children each time they are all together.  The grandparents love it and you can really see how much they change.  Mostly since we only get together once or twice a year.



Here they are in August of 2008.  Not too sure if you can really tell the difference so……..






grandkids almost happy


How about this?  July of 2006.  BIG changes in this one!!  Poor baby Sarah.  She didn’t know what was going on.  Will you look at those chubby arms?!?!  Heavens me.


I love it!  I could eat them all up.  Yummy!

May 23, 2009

Today is PJ Day.  My sister in law and the children spent yesterday at Busch Gardens and we were very busy with Field day and errands after.  We all need to spend time together and just chill out.


The kids really know how to do PJ Day right!  The room is trashed?  How cares?  We can clean it later.  Hungry?  Help yourself.  No, just kidding.  We snacked most of the day and ended up eating chicken wings with potato salad and shells and cheese.  Odd, I know but it’s hard to please 5 kids.

Oh man, but was it a great day!!  I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

May 22, 2009

Today is Field Day at Nathan’s school.  I have been told in the past that I can’t help out with Sarah at my side. Bummer, right.  Ok, no.  Today was 89 degrees and the kids were outside ALL DAY LONG!  Sarah and I went to have lunch with them and stayed the last 45 minutes.  I saw so many parents burnt to a crisp.  Oh the pain and agony.  They got to have popsicles and sign each others shirts then play.  Here is some of the action that took place. 

SD532105 SD532108 SD532109



Inside the class, I wanted to take a few pictures of Nathan with his friends.  Here he is with his 2 best buddies…









Oh but when I tried to get a couple others, here is what I got….


There are only 20 kids in his class and it seemed like they were multiplying!!  God bless teachers!!!!!!  I know from today that I could never manage that many children at one time.  Whew! 


May 21, 2009

What a great day!  Today, my sister in law, Shawn comes to visit.  This time, she’s bringing all 3 children.  They don’t come all the time since 2 of them suffer from car sickness.  A little Dramamine and up to Auntie Becky’s house!  Yippee!!!  I took some shots of them in the tub but the girls were too nudy bootie for me to post. 


Oh what the heck..  I call this shot “Rub a dub, dub, three girls in a tub!”   Aren’t they the cutest?!?  Can you tell who is the ham?  No.  Good answer cuz they all are!  They had so much fun.  Too bad the cousins don’t live closer so they can play more often.


May 20, 2009


Ok, 3 guesses…  the first 2 don’t count. 

Yup, I’m making boiled eggs. 

Do you know how to make a perfect egg?  I’ll tell ya. 

1. fill a pot, like this, with eggs.

2. fill, to cover eggs, with water.

3. turn on High and set your timer for 15 minutes.

4. When timer goes off, turn off burner and walk away.

5. Peel when cooled.

PERFECT EGG!! Every time!  No grey yolk.  No runny yolk.  Most times they don’t crack since they are so tight in the pot.  Oh and you can’t be in a hurry with these.  Plan ahead. 

That’s a good plan…  says Sarah! *wink*

May 19, 2009



Look at how pretty the front porch is…

Ok, no comments about the scarecrow.  I’m early for fall!  Besides, don’t you have scarecrows near your plants?






Look how pretty the plants are up close and personal.  Aren’t they so pretty?!?!?  I just love them.  And let me say that this is all I can handle.  The larger planters have tomatoes and peppers that will be going into the back yard.  Whew!  I’m not meant to be gardening.  No.

SD532076  SD532078SD532077

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 18, 2009

My friend, Tracie, have known each other for almost 3 years now.  Hi Tracie!!  Any who, her son, Dawson is a cancer survivor!  His story is on this site… you really should check it out.   Donate if you can to this worthy cause!!  You can see his cute face on the site also.  Big smoochies and hugs for Dawson!!!!!!

This June 5th is the relay for life cancer walk in their area.  Tracie asked me to decorate some luminary bags for the relay.  OF COURSE I will!!! Duh!!  I can’t be there in person so I support Dawson this way instead.  I hope that all the bags get sold and they reach their money goals. 

I wanted to share with all of you, what I did on the bags…..






The fronts….














… and the backs!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

May 17, 2009

A perfect day to relax with the family.  We all stayed in lounge clothes all day long.  Some food was eaten.  Cartoons were watched.  Then Daddy played GODS OF WAR II and all was good with the universe. 

The kids have been bugging him to play ever since he finished the first version.  He finished in the easy mode so he won’t return the game till he plays on a harder level.  OMG!  The easy mode was HARD!!  Thank goodness I can’t play those games.  I’m the helper.  My job is to read ahead on IGN so he doesn’t miss any extras.  I don’t have the nerve or patients to play those role playing games.  Tetris is my game.  Bring it on baby! :-)

It was a very relaxing  day!  See……


May 16, 2009

Let’s PLAY BALL!!!

Another Saturday of fun baseball.  We played at the grade school today so there wasn’t a score board.  Not sure I like that.  I couldn’t keep up with the outs and runs.  Thank goodness we don’t play there again.  Nathan did good!  SD532066



He did this….







… and got here!!






Only 2 more games left in the regular season.  I’m a bit bummed out but I think Nathan has had enough for now.  We’ll see how ready he is to join in Fall Ball.  Or even football.  The possibilities are endless!

May 15, 2009

I had to get some more shopping done today.  It totally hit me that the swap I’m in, My Favorite Things, is due next Saturday!  OMG!  I’ve gotten some stuff but not enough.   So, off to shop I went!  Me and Sarah.  Man, did we have fun!  We shopped and shopped and shopped some more.  We even had to come home to get Nathan so we could shop more.  Well, we had to shop for groceries so not so much fun.  Still, it was shopping. 

So now I shall tease and torture My Favorite Things swap buddy!  Muwhaaaa Haaa Haaa!  Here is her box….



Go ahead.. try to look inside.

Nothin’ huh?!

Oh, you can see one thing… sort of.

The total excitement of it all!

Can you wait one more week?


That’s enough.  No fun to tease her when I can’t see the agony on her face.

This will all be over next week.

May 14, 2009

I did a little shopping today.  I know, should have kept my butt at home.  I just couldn’t.   I was on Yahoo messenger with Tanya (hi Tanya!) and we were talking about those things that you see so many bloggers use to hold up their cards.  I knew EXACTLY what she was talking about.  So, I headed to one of my favorite consignment shops in town and Wa-La…..

SD532032 SD532033

I bought all that she had!  I was going to have them posted on my Etsy store but haven’t had a chance.  (I agree to too many projects!!)  Any who, they are called Flower (or floral) Frogs.  They used to be used at the bottom of a vase to hold the stems of flowers.  The lady told me that they were also used in very shallow vases or bowls to help the flowers stand up.  Very cool!  Oh man, don’t drop these things!! They are wicked sharp and heavy as bricks!  Trust me, my kids dropped  2 on me already.  OUCH!

May 13, 2009


Watch out!!!  Sarah has the camera again!   Whew!  Good thing I keep my nails clean.  Oh and my hand didn’t stay this way even though that is what you would have been told when you were a kid.  “Don’t do that, it’ll stay that way!”  Wrong.

May 12, 2009


Here is Benji and Desera.  My neighbor’s dogs.  I had to take their picture since they are getting to be such a big part of our everyday life.  See, these 2 are outside more than they are inside.  I never could understand that concept.  Why exactly get a dog?  Don’t you want to love on it?  Cuddle at night with it?  Teach it tricks? Wrestle? Just basically share your life with it?  I DO!  I can say that I almost got one of these dogs (Chihuahua, Jack Russell mixes) when they were puppies.  Glad I didn’t but sad I didn’t.  They aren’t abused!!  Just not loved enough … at least in my eyes.

May 11, 2009


I must admit that this is Sarah’s very first try at Jello.  Bad mom, you say?  I say NOT.   Jello is nasty to me for one very specific reason.

I was 5.  I was in the hospital having my tonsils removed.  It was the day I got to go home.  The Doctor came in and said “You are good to go! Oh but you have to finish that bowl of Jello.”  BAM!  I don’t like Jello anymore.

See, not my fault at all.




On a much happier note, Sarah LOVES Jello.  Her first reaction was “TOUCH IT, TOUCH IT, MAMA!!”   She was so amazed at how it felt, I think she was afraid to eat it.  Once she tasted it, she was hooked.  She couldn’t finish the whole container and asked if I could wrap it up since “I’ll never get it ever again.” *insert super sad Sarah face here*  Talk about making me feel guilty!  Geesh!! I have bought Jello to make myself to prove to her that she can have it again!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

May 10, 2009


My day was just like any other.  I woke with a sore throat.  Felt like someone rubbed sand paper on it all night.  I did food shopping.  Planted the seedlings and new plants I got.  Tried to take a nap.. just couldn’t fall asleep.  Around 4pm Steve asks (very nicely) “Are you gonna do laundry?”  LAUNDRY!!  OMG!! I do laundry every single Sunday.  What was I thinking?????  I quickly got at least 1 load done.. his uniforms!! And the rest I can finish Monday.

Ok so, Steve did want to take me out to eat for Mother’s Day but he didn’t want to be in the crowds with everyone else.  Sooooooo, we did our Mother’s Day dinner Friday night.  Yummy Casa Grande!  Oh my was it yummy!!  The kids even tried new things and loved it.  Of course, I had my camera with me….  Oh these are good!  I’m gonna post them in the order we took them.  I only deleted one picture that Steve took of the table.  I wonder about him sometimes!!  Enjoy our fun……

SD531994 SD531995 SD531997 SD531996 SD531998 SD531997 SD531999 SD532000 SD532001 SD532002 SD532003 SD532004 SD532005 SD532006 SD532007 SD532008 SD532010 SD532012 SD532013 SD532014 SD532015