Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011

Happy Monday!  Did you have a good weekend?  I had a GREAT one!  Saturday was my birthday!!!  Yup.  I turned 25.  Sure did.  You read it right.  25.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Any way, my birthday was filled with so many things.  My husband and children bought me a beautiful cranberry sweater (that I returned, it was too small, for a more beautiful green sweater) and a carrot cake.  My husband has never gotten me a cake for my birthday in all our 17 years together.  (doing the math? 25. minus 17. just let it go!) My awesome sister went hippo-wild (can’t say hog wild here, doesn’t fit).  She got me a pink hippo… um, door stopper maybe.  It’s really heavy.  A hippo ornament for the tree (so cute with a boa and some pointy shoes, very pier 1-ish).  And lastly, a 2 foot light up Christmas Hippo for the front yard.  Never saw that before!  Well, now I have and I’ve got one!  Jealous.  My In-laws drove up for the weekend to celebrate Christmas with us and totally surprised us with… with… wait for it… MY GEDC1608NEPHEW!!!! 



O.M.G.  He was the best present.  Sorry to everyone but he really was.  I haven’t seen my nephew and 2 nieces’ in over a year and I miss them so much.  He’s grown way taller.  Look…

We are both flat footed here.  Hard to believe he’s only 14.  He’s got the best manners, he’s great with the other children and kept up his texting without it interrupting any of our fun.  Sarah said she wished that T was her brother cuz he didn’t mind hugging her and was nice to her.  Maybe she should ask his sisters if they agree.



Thanks for the surprise, T, I love and miss you already and every day till we see you again!!!


On to our adventures with Chip….

Saturday (12/17)





This would have to be one of my favorite days.  We found Chip looking at stars thru the telescope.  He was being smart using the children’s book on the night sky but look at the stars he was looking at….











He was gazing at the glow in the dark sticker stars in Nathan’s room!

Poor Nate said he woke up to the tube in his face.. WHOA! 

LOL  My side hurts.

Chip, Oh Chip.  So funny!






Sunday (12/18)





Chip was tucked inside Nate’s stocking.   I think Chip was a little freaked out with the 2 large dogs here and 3 more people.  Good thing my parents come close to the time Chip heads back to be with Santa.








Monday (12/19)

GEDC1638 GEDC1639

This morning Chip was back on the fish tank.  No fishing this time like I thought when Sarah came to report her findings.  Instead, he took his coloring (from the 16th) and put it on the wall with the children’s art work.  He must want to show off with them.  So, when I put Chip back on the mantle today, I left his art work up in the hall.  If he’s proud of it, we will be too. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

December 16, 2011


Yesterday Chip was upstairs…




This truck is very loud so I have no idea how he managed to get this far without any of us hearing him.  He looks like he was having a good time though.  But, when doesn’t he?!?!

Nathan didn’t seem impressed.  He has to maintain his 5th grade coolness at all times, you know.







Off topic for just a minute.  My sister (hi, Jan) mailed presents to the house.  She told me that she mailed them FedEx and I should destroy the evidence before Steve sees (he’s a UPS driver, in case you are new here).  Sure, I’ll rip off the labels from FedEx.  With pleasure.  FedEx is kind of a bad word around here anyway. 

I give you exhibit A:


Not only is this box large enough to fit myself and my 6 year old, but do you see how I can hide the FedEx part?  It’s on ALL FOUR SIDES.  The label that I thought I could just rip off is a post-it sticky note on the top.  Not sure how it made it all this way.  Good news though, Steve just smiled.  While smiling he asked why she used FedEx and I said “who knows, maybe it was the closest place to her house”.  So, Janet, FedEx IS THE CLOSEST PLACE TO YOUR HOUSE!!!  Don’t forget it! 

I need to move that plant stand. today.


Back to Chip for today….

GEDC1577 GEDC1578

Sarah found Chip at her table in the art room.  She was impressed with his coloring skills but laughed at him making his “H” backwards.  Look to me like he missed the cold.  Good thing it’s not coming around here any time soon.  Sorry, Chip.

And, if you are still reading (or reading this at all) I’d love a comment or two.  I’ve heard there are lots watching Chip but no one checks in.  Merry Christmas to you!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14th, part 2

This is what we found this morning…
Chip made the children’s lunch for today.  How nice of him.  Not so much.  I would have thought he would have given them nothing but candy but he went the other way.  Just incase you can’t tell, Nathan’s in the left and Sarah’s the right.  Inside Nathan’s: microwave popcorn, ah so sauce, sweet peas and wet cat food.  Inside Sarah’s: old bay better batter mix, tabasco, french cut green beans and wet cat food.  Neither of them found this one very funny!  Looks like Chip was pleased, don’t you think?!

December 14, 2011

First of all, today is my cousin J’s birthday.


Now, let’s get to my wrap up of Chip. He’s so silly. Wait till you see what he’s done around here.

Friday (12/9)

GEDC1558 GEDC1559

We found Chip on the sofa reading one of Sarah’s school library books. Sure hope the book didn’t give him any other crazy ideas!

Saturday (12/10)


We brought up all the decorations from the basement. Not sure if he thought he was helping but I’m pretty sure those lights were neat and tidy in that box!

Sunday (12/11)

GEDC1562 GEDC1563

Saturday we bought and set up our tree. Chip wasted no time jumping right in it. Poor Sarah. She looked everywhere and couldn’t find him. I heard her come tell Daddy that she looked everywhere upstairs and down so she was going to look in the basement. When she came back to tell me she still couldn’t find him, I asked her if she thought he left. Her eyes got huge and she ran to the window. “No, the truck and car are still here!” Nathan ended up finding Chip.

Monday (12/12)


This was a funny one.

When Sarah found Chip on the mantle like this, she laughed. “MOM, come see Chip on the little kids back!!”

When I came in to check it out, I saw the bigger picture of what Chip had done…


Underwear? Really? All our stockings were on the floor! Not sure if the act was the funny part of hearing Sarah yell up to Steve what Chip did. It went sorta like this:

Sarah: Daddy, (giggle) Chip is on the, the, the

me: snow baby

Sarah: Snow baby's shoulder and he took our, um, um, socks

me: stockings

Sarah: Stockings down (giggle, giggle) AND PUT UP OUR UNDERWEAR!!!

Tuesday (12/13)


Yesterday, we found him fishing in the fish tank. He was using Sarah’s magnetic fishing pole from a game she has. I’m guessing with the lid up, he had no place to sit so he just used the opening in the back. Not easy to get a picture of him but funny just the same.

Today, well, he’s up to no good again. I will unload the pictures in a little bit and post separately. He really threw me off this morning. I have a routine and he messed it all up. See ya in a bit!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8, 2011

First of all, I have to share my girl..GEDC1551.

Not the best photo quality but it was early so get off my back.  Every morning, I ask “what do you want to do with your hair”.  First we brush it, then she go in the closet to find the perfect hair accessory to match her outfit.  This is how she came out yesterday.  Too funny!  And the style went so well with her Peace and love shirt, right?!

She did NOT wear her head band like this to school!  I had to photograph it before the mad dash of “hurry or you’ll be late” mode set in.  Late.  They are never late.  Steve is just in a hurry to race thru traffic so he can be to work 30 minutes early, to work on his truck, without pay.  OMG.  Hurry.  


Anyhow, on to Chip from yesterday (12/7)….



Here he is hanging from the living room curtain.  Was he playing circus?  Where there flips involved?  He’s brave without a net!

We all started singing the circus tune.. Da, da, dada, dada, dat, dat, oh you get it.  Sorry the picture isn’t brighter, it was 6:45 am and the sun was barely coming up.




Here is where we found Chip this morning.  What is up with the toilet paper?  I had to rescue him quickly (after a photo) so Sarah could go to the bathroom.  Since the children can’t touch Chip, she was in trouble no being able to wipe!

Seems like my first question to the children when they find him is… DID HE MAKE A MESS????  I have enough to get done in the morning, Chip’s messes don’t help!

Do you still have the circus tune in your head?  I do. Your welcome.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

December 6, 2011

This morning, Nathan and Sarah headed down to find Chip together.  After about 5 minutes, they still couldn’t find him. 


He was just all snuggled up on the little sofa with one of my hippos.  Guess all his craziness has caught up with him. 

I sure do like days like this when there is no mess to clean up!

Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

Sorry to be backed up on Chip’s activities.  Friday was insane!  I started working at the school as a substitute lunch room monitor.  It’s so fun!  I just never know when they need me and Friday is my shopping day.  Geesh!  Anyhow, even though I haven’t posted, Chip is still up to his craziness!!! 

Friday (12/2) here is where we found Chip…

GEDC1503 GEDC1504

.. face down in the Halloween candy bowl.  I know, it’s almost Christmas but we just can’t eat that much candy quickly!  Sarah found Chip that morning.

Then there was Saturday (12/3) morning…



Sarah found him and reported to us that Chip was sitting in her shoe on the table.

When we came downstairs, we saw the camera there and took a look.  Chip had his own photo shoot!


So, on Sunday (12/4) morning, Sarah found him again…



Really? In the sugar?  Really? Come on, Chip!  What a mess!!

Now, if you look at the sugar, below Chip’s left leg… those are Sarah finger prints.  She found him and found herself eating some sugar first thing Sunday.  Chip isn’t the only sneaky one around here!!!


Which leads us to this morning.  Nathan was first to find Chip today…



He was in the art room, playing with play doh.  At least he didn’t make a big huge mess!


Wonder what he’ll get into tonight!


Oh, and there are only 12 more shopping days till my birthday.  Just saying.


Have you seen the new Smurfs movie?  WE DID!!  And we had a Smurf-tac-ular party!!  Check it out…

Here is our Smurfy goodness that we got to eat….


Yes, we had Triple Berry Smurf muffins, M&M’s, Bazooka, Berry Jello, Cotton Candy and Smurf Berry Juice!!  MMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm  It was Smurf-tacular!!














Too bad you couldn’t come have a Smurfin’ good time with us! 



Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1, 2011

December… ALREADY????  Holy Christmas shopping, Batman!  I need to get crackin’. 

For now, let’s get right to the fun for today… Chip….


Our Chip-ster emptied the front pocket of Steve’s UPS backpack and climbed right on in.  I’m guessing that Chip wanted to help Steve with his packages today since he strained a neck muscle yesterday.  Steve gave Chip the ‘ole heave ho!  No Chip on the UPS truck today.  Good try, buddy!