Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 8, 2011

First of all, I have to share my girl..GEDC1551.

Not the best photo quality but it was early so get off my back.  Every morning, I ask “what do you want to do with your hair”.  First we brush it, then she go in the closet to find the perfect hair accessory to match her outfit.  This is how she came out yesterday.  Too funny!  And the style went so well with her Peace and love shirt, right?!

She did NOT wear her head band like this to school!  I had to photograph it before the mad dash of “hurry or you’ll be late” mode set in.  Late.  They are never late.  Steve is just in a hurry to race thru traffic so he can be to work 30 minutes early, to work on his truck, without pay.  OMG.  Hurry.  


Anyhow, on to Chip from yesterday (12/7)….



Here he is hanging from the living room curtain.  Was he playing circus?  Where there flips involved?  He’s brave without a net!

We all started singing the circus tune.. Da, da, dada, dada, dat, dat, oh you get it.  Sorry the picture isn’t brighter, it was 6:45 am and the sun was barely coming up.




Here is where we found Chip this morning.  What is up with the toilet paper?  I had to rescue him quickly (after a photo) so Sarah could go to the bathroom.  Since the children can’t touch Chip, she was in trouble no being able to wipe!

Seems like my first question to the children when they find him is… DID HE MAKE A MESS????  I have enough to get done in the morning, Chip’s messes don’t help!

Do you still have the circus tune in your head?  I do. Your welcome.

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