Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December 14, 2011

First of all, today is my cousin J’s birthday.


Now, let’s get to my wrap up of Chip. He’s so silly. Wait till you see what he’s done around here.

Friday (12/9)

GEDC1558 GEDC1559

We found Chip on the sofa reading one of Sarah’s school library books. Sure hope the book didn’t give him any other crazy ideas!

Saturday (12/10)


We brought up all the decorations from the basement. Not sure if he thought he was helping but I’m pretty sure those lights were neat and tidy in that box!

Sunday (12/11)

GEDC1562 GEDC1563

Saturday we bought and set up our tree. Chip wasted no time jumping right in it. Poor Sarah. She looked everywhere and couldn’t find him. I heard her come tell Daddy that she looked everywhere upstairs and down so she was going to look in the basement. When she came back to tell me she still couldn’t find him, I asked her if she thought he left. Her eyes got huge and she ran to the window. “No, the truck and car are still here!” Nathan ended up finding Chip.

Monday (12/12)


This was a funny one.

When Sarah found Chip on the mantle like this, she laughed. “MOM, come see Chip on the little kids back!!”

When I came in to check it out, I saw the bigger picture of what Chip had done…


Underwear? Really? All our stockings were on the floor! Not sure if the act was the funny part of hearing Sarah yell up to Steve what Chip did. It went sorta like this:

Sarah: Daddy, (giggle) Chip is on the, the, the

me: snow baby

Sarah: Snow baby's shoulder and he took our, um, um, socks

me: stockings

Sarah: Stockings down (giggle, giggle) AND PUT UP OUR UNDERWEAR!!!

Tuesday (12/13)


Yesterday, we found him fishing in the fish tank. He was using Sarah’s magnetic fishing pole from a game she has. I’m guessing with the lid up, he had no place to sit so he just used the opening in the back. Not easy to get a picture of him but funny just the same.

Today, well, he’s up to no good again. I will unload the pictures in a little bit and post separately. He really threw me off this morning. I have a routine and he messed it all up. See ya in a bit!

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