Monday, December 5, 2011

December 5, 2011

Sorry to be backed up on Chip’s activities.  Friday was insane!  I started working at the school as a substitute lunch room monitor.  It’s so fun!  I just never know when they need me and Friday is my shopping day.  Geesh!  Anyhow, even though I haven’t posted, Chip is still up to his craziness!!! 

Friday (12/2) here is where we found Chip…

GEDC1503 GEDC1504

.. face down in the Halloween candy bowl.  I know, it’s almost Christmas but we just can’t eat that much candy quickly!  Sarah found Chip that morning.

Then there was Saturday (12/3) morning…



Sarah found him and reported to us that Chip was sitting in her shoe on the table.

When we came downstairs, we saw the camera there and took a look.  Chip had his own photo shoot!


So, on Sunday (12/4) morning, Sarah found him again…



Really? In the sugar?  Really? Come on, Chip!  What a mess!!

Now, if you look at the sugar, below Chip’s left leg… those are Sarah finger prints.  She found him and found herself eating some sugar first thing Sunday.  Chip isn’t the only sneaky one around here!!!


Which leads us to this morning.  Nathan was first to find Chip today…



He was in the art room, playing with play doh.  At least he didn’t make a big huge mess!


Wonder what he’ll get into tonight!


Oh, and there are only 12 more shopping days till my birthday.  Just saying.

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