Friday, December 16, 2011

December 16, 2011


Yesterday Chip was upstairs…




This truck is very loud so I have no idea how he managed to get this far without any of us hearing him.  He looks like he was having a good time though.  But, when doesn’t he?!?!

Nathan didn’t seem impressed.  He has to maintain his 5th grade coolness at all times, you know.







Off topic for just a minute.  My sister (hi, Jan) mailed presents to the house.  She told me that she mailed them FedEx and I should destroy the evidence before Steve sees (he’s a UPS driver, in case you are new here).  Sure, I’ll rip off the labels from FedEx.  With pleasure.  FedEx is kind of a bad word around here anyway. 

I give you exhibit A:


Not only is this box large enough to fit myself and my 6 year old, but do you see how I can hide the FedEx part?  It’s on ALL FOUR SIDES.  The label that I thought I could just rip off is a post-it sticky note on the top.  Not sure how it made it all this way.  Good news though, Steve just smiled.  While smiling he asked why she used FedEx and I said “who knows, maybe it was the closest place to her house”.  So, Janet, FedEx IS THE CLOSEST PLACE TO YOUR HOUSE!!!  Don’t forget it! 

I need to move that plant stand. today.


Back to Chip for today….

GEDC1577 GEDC1578

Sarah found Chip at her table in the art room.  She was impressed with his coloring skills but laughed at him making his “H” backwards.  Look to me like he missed the cold.  Good thing it’s not coming around here any time soon.  Sorry, Chip.

And, if you are still reading (or reading this at all) I’d love a comment or two.  I’ve heard there are lots watching Chip but no one checks in.  Merry Christmas to you!

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Janet said...

I have sent this to so many of my friends, train friends, work friends and then sister in laws. I think that Chip is just so darn adorable. Love you all lots & lots!!!