Monday, December 19, 2011

December 19, 2011

Happy Monday!  Did you have a good weekend?  I had a GREAT one!  Saturday was my birthday!!!  Yup.  I turned 25.  Sure did.  You read it right.  25.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Any way, my birthday was filled with so many things.  My husband and children bought me a beautiful cranberry sweater (that I returned, it was too small, for a more beautiful green sweater) and a carrot cake.  My husband has never gotten me a cake for my birthday in all our 17 years together.  (doing the math? 25. minus 17. just let it go!) My awesome sister went hippo-wild (can’t say hog wild here, doesn’t fit).  She got me a pink hippo… um, door stopper maybe.  It’s really heavy.  A hippo ornament for the tree (so cute with a boa and some pointy shoes, very pier 1-ish).  And lastly, a 2 foot light up Christmas Hippo for the front yard.  Never saw that before!  Well, now I have and I’ve got one!  Jealous.  My In-laws drove up for the weekend to celebrate Christmas with us and totally surprised us with… with… wait for it… MY GEDC1608NEPHEW!!!! 



O.M.G.  He was the best present.  Sorry to everyone but he really was.  I haven’t seen my nephew and 2 nieces’ in over a year and I miss them so much.  He’s grown way taller.  Look…

We are both flat footed here.  Hard to believe he’s only 14.  He’s got the best manners, he’s great with the other children and kept up his texting without it interrupting any of our fun.  Sarah said she wished that T was her brother cuz he didn’t mind hugging her and was nice to her.  Maybe she should ask his sisters if they agree.



Thanks for the surprise, T, I love and miss you already and every day till we see you again!!!


On to our adventures with Chip….

Saturday (12/17)





This would have to be one of my favorite days.  We found Chip looking at stars thru the telescope.  He was being smart using the children’s book on the night sky but look at the stars he was looking at….











He was gazing at the glow in the dark sticker stars in Nathan’s room!

Poor Nate said he woke up to the tube in his face.. WHOA! 

LOL  My side hurts.

Chip, Oh Chip.  So funny!






Sunday (12/18)





Chip was tucked inside Nate’s stocking.   I think Chip was a little freaked out with the 2 large dogs here and 3 more people.  Good thing my parents come close to the time Chip heads back to be with Santa.








Monday (12/19)

GEDC1638 GEDC1639

This morning Chip was back on the fish tank.  No fishing this time like I thought when Sarah came to report her findings.  Instead, he took his coloring (from the 16th) and put it on the wall with the children’s art work.  He must want to show off with them.  So, when I put Chip back on the mantle today, I left his art work up in the hall.  If he’s proud of it, we will be too. 

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