Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 3, 2012

Whew!  Are you exhausted?  I am.  Sheesh.  There was no time to blog while that last week was going on.  Seriously.  And last week…. um… no idea.  But, I didn’t want to leave you hanging about Chip.  He continued his silliness even without me blogging about it.  So here is his recap:
Tues (12/20)


Yup, right inside the food cabinet, with a straw in the syrup.  Nothing like getting your sugar full force!  Funny, I don’t remember the bottle being that low. 

Do elves get drunk from sugar?  huh.

Wednesday (12/21)

Solitaire.  Very cool.  He had a good hand going there, too!!

Thursday (12/22)

We had a really hard time finding Chip this day.  We thought he had left early to see Santa but when Sarah asked for a glass of milk we found him.  No doubt he was about to get into some big trouble when he was trapped like a rat.  Ha.  I’d like to say I told you so but he’d probably just laugh and skip away.  Nothing much bothers good ‘ole Chip.  He even looks happy trapped.

Friday (12/23)

No guessing where Chip was today.  Seems like an easy picture to take but I couldn’t seem to get it right.  Sorry it’s so blurry.  I didn’t find any pine needles in his butt from sliding down the banister.  Maybe the stairs were too much and he was resting.  That is what Sarah guessed.  Chip.   So cute.

Saturday (12/24)


Today we found Chip hiding in the Hanukah present box.  Maybe he wanted to join in the present fun?  Maybe he’s ready to convert?  Maybe he thought the coins were real?  Who knows.  We looked long and hard before Sarah found Chip in here.

And then he was gone.  Off to spend the year with Santa.  It’s quiet around here.  Nothing fun to look forward to each morning.  Chip really livened the place up.  We miss you, Chip!  Have fun with Santa and we’ll see you after Thanksgiving.

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