Tuesday, January 17, 2012

January 17th, 2012

Ever have one of those days? 

Today is one of them. 

I didn’t think so when I got up but it’s turned out to be. 

I feel like a mess. 

Let me lay it out for ya.

Sarah started it out.  She was doing good. 

She got up.  Got dressed.  Ate. 

She was in the bathroom taking her for. ever.  long to brush her teeth. 

“COME ON, SARAH!!!”  (oh and she doesn’t want the “H” anymore, too bad! it’s staying) 

She is just a slow poke.  She is MY daughter.   Slow Poke was designed by me.  Duh.

She comes out and plops down on the chair.

“Let’s do your hair”.  She snail walks back to the bathroom.  I put her hair in a ponytail. 

Then the real drama begins. She hugs my side and hides her face in my shirt.

“What’s wrong?”  Tears.

Steve says “We have to go, you take her later.  Come on, Nate”  “Bye, MOM!”

The long and short of it all is I had a long chat with her about sharing how she is feeling instead of just moaning and groaning all the time, let her sleep for an hour and off to school she went.  With that drama over, I thought I was ready to face my errands drama free…. WRONG!!!

I have been carrying around 2 rebate checks for 2 weeks because no one will cash them but my own bank.  Every time I’m out, my bank is not convenient so I was determined to cash them today!

Pull in the the bank and park.  Walk across the parking lot and over one of those island thingies and KA-BLAM.  I fell.  I actually think I lost my footing on the soft ground but either way I ended up on the ground.  I gathered the things that fell out of my purse and walked into the bank. 

I was greeted by 2 employees and I just lost it.  I almost left.  If I didn’t need those stupid rebate checks cashed I would have been out of there.   I told the teller I had fallen and she was very nice.  She offered to have me sit while she did my transaction for me. 

How embarrassing.  I am a grown woman. 

I got my cash and got back to the truck and just sat there and cried.  Is it one of THOSE days?  Or just one of those day?  I have no idea.  Does Topamax do this to people?  I was fine yesterday.  I was fine when I got up.

Anyway, yes, I did get hurt.  Nothing life threatening.  My finger is scratched up, I broke a nail.  My leg has scratches all down the side (my thigh, knee and ankle).  I tore a hole in my capris (it’s 65 today!).

So, when the children get home from school, I’m gonna curl up with a blanket and watch something and forget the whole thing happened.  Yeah.  That is what I’m gonna do.  Thanks for listening / reading…. whoever you are.

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Anonymous said...

I've checked this blog out twice. Love the circus pics...they are awesome. We went to the Circus when you were little but I didn't know you could go early and see the floor show...sorry you missed out back them.

I see why sarah loves the rainboots she just got verses the ones I bought her. These are way more cooler.

Mr. Nathan - aka "Tom" You d-man!

And could I also say - Yeah to Stephen for doing the job himself...way to go guy!.

Hugs to all - Mom