Monday, May 18, 2009

May 17, 2009

A perfect day to relax with the family.  We all stayed in lounge clothes all day long.  Some food was eaten.  Cartoons were watched.  Then Daddy played GODS OF WAR II and all was good with the universe. 

The kids have been bugging him to play ever since he finished the first version.  He finished in the easy mode so he won’t return the game till he plays on a harder level.  OMG!  The easy mode was HARD!!  Thank goodness I can’t play those games.  I’m the helper.  My job is to read ahead on IGN so he doesn’t miss any extras.  I don’t have the nerve or patients to play those role playing games.  Tetris is my game.  Bring it on baby! :-)

It was a very relaxing  day!  See……


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Maggi said...

LOL I love helping my hubby play games too but then I tell him to hit the road so I can play! lol