Thursday, May 28, 2009

May 26, 2009

Today was quiet.  Hubby back to work.  Nathan back to school.  Sarah playing in HER OWN ROOM! (more on that later *wink*)  Not really much to report.

Nathan came home from school, hubby home from work.  We ate dinner.  I told Nathan I wanted him to get in the shower when he was done eating.  Then he could have the other 1/2 of his Butterfinger bar.   I cleaned up a bit while he was showering.  He likes to play in the water. 

I was in the kitchen and heard a loud crash!  Off and running to the bathroom… kind of like that OJ Simpson commercial where he jumps over luggage at the airport.  Nathan slipped and fell!!!  HOLY!!  I can’t pick him up! He’s so heavy and just laying there crying.  He fell and hit the edge of the tub where it meets the tile wall!!  Guess it was a lucky thing that Sarah was sitting on the toilet and saw the whole thing.  Here is her version:  “Nathan was slipping and then he fell and hit hims head.”  Remember, she’s 4!



So, here we are at the doctor.  I don’t know the signs of a concussion and I’m not risking anything.  He has an egg on the back of his head that is HUGE!! Remember what happened to that Richardson lady.  You know, the one that is married to Liam Neison?  She hit her head and died 4 hours later.  I’m not taking a chance!


Of course, while we are here, he’s jumping around and being totally silly.  I asked him several times “why are we here again?” and he just laughed.  Geesh.  He had a simple contusion (bump on the head) and needs ice and ibuprofen.  SO glad I have insurance!!!!  A waste of time that I will justify by saying  better safe than sorry.  He’s just fine.

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