Monday, May 18, 2009

May 14, 2009

I did a little shopping today.  I know, should have kept my butt at home.  I just couldn’t.   I was on Yahoo messenger with Tanya (hi Tanya!) and we were talking about those things that you see so many bloggers use to hold up their cards.  I knew EXACTLY what she was talking about.  So, I headed to one of my favorite consignment shops in town and Wa-La…..

SD532032 SD532033

I bought all that she had!  I was going to have them posted on my Etsy store but haven’t had a chance.  (I agree to too many projects!!)  Any who, they are called Flower (or floral) Frogs.  They used to be used at the bottom of a vase to hold the stems of flowers.  The lady told me that they were also used in very shallow vases or bowls to help the flowers stand up.  Very cool!  Oh man, don’t drop these things!! They are wicked sharp and heavy as bricks!  Trust me, my kids dropped  2 on me already.  OUCH!


The Caretaker said...

Ouch!! I was wondering where those are sold. So cool!!!

Stamp and Smile said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog... :) I went treasure hunting (garage sales) a week ago Friday and found one of these in a shallow flower vase.. Purchased for .25$ and when I got home I put warm water in the vase to loosen the flower frog to clean it up... I haven't used mine yet!! You are right DON'T DROP ONE OF THOSE... LOL! SMILES... :)