Friday, June 26, 2009

June 17, 2009

Woke up to rain today.  MIL and FIL were going to wake Nathan up early to take him fishing but not with this crazy rain.   We know there will be a break by the afternoon so we played games….











I took this one and then said to Steve “hey, doesn’t this picture look like all the ones I take of you at home?”  Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha Oh wait, my side hurts Ha ha ha ha ha.




We did get a break in the rain so we all headed out to Buckeye lake to sneak in some fishing.  I say sneak since not one of us had a license to fish.  Doesn’t matter much since all the lures were WAY too big for the fish we attracted! :-)  We did go on an unexpected hike.  It was very small but with all the wetness, I slipped and pulled each and every muscle in my entire body.  Fun I tell ya, fun.  Enjoy!

SD532362 SD532373 SD532384 SD532381 SD532392 SD532397 SD532404

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