Friday, June 26, 2009

June 15, 2009

Me and the kids drove out to my Mom’s work today to have lunch with her.  My mom works at Inspirational Network TV (INSP) and they just moved from Charlotte out to Fort Mill, SC.  I used to work right down the street from where she is now.  It’s so amazing how things have changed out  there.  Here are some of the statue pictures I took while she gave us a tour….


This was inside the prayer center.







Here is the baptismal pool.  It’s not full because they are working on the pool in the front (and this loops around).






This is outside the building that my Mom works at.


The kids both said they look like figures from Daddy’s God’s of War video game.  Ok, they kind of do a little.  But these are WAY cooler!



Little bit that I left out from yesterday.  We did a little shopping at M’s.  Nothing major to report so I left it out.  Today, however, we found Sarah’s DS on the counter at M’s from where she put it down to play with another toy.  We TORE apart my mother’s house looking for that dang thing.  Luckily, when we retraced our steps, I remembered her using 2 hands to play with a toy at M’s.  We called but they said nothing was in lost and found.  The kids and I headed up there anyway and sure enough found it.  WHEW!!!  Neither of them are allowed to bring DS’s to the store anymore!

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