Thursday, July 2, 2009

June 26, 2009

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This mailbox is for Madeline.  Ok, I know you all just said DUH but whatever.  Madeline is the daughter of a friend of my mom.  Get that?  When I go back to the Carolinas in August, Madeline will get this in her own little, cutie hands.  Good?  Good!   In this mailbox I got to use 2 of my most favorite things.  First, my new fence border punch (love it!!) and second.. butterflies!!!!!  I sure hope that Madeline loves it also.

These mailboxes are so adorable when decorated.  And the possibilities are endless!!!  I do seem to have troubles making them for the male species but it can be done.

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cropangel said...

Becky loved all your blogs lately.
you sure have been on the go lately that is what summer is for right.

hope to chat with you soon