Wednesday, July 22, 2009

July 18, 2009

Our challenge this week is to show our kitchen and answer a few questions.  

Since we rent, we can’t really paint.  She says we can but we have to paint it back white before we move out.  No thanks.  If I could paint it, I think I’d go with either yellow or green.  I have maroon as accents (rugs and a few towels) and I’m trying to find the old time metal signs to hang on the walls.  Ok, let’s see the real things……



This is the doorway to the dinning room.  I love the butcher block table.  My mom gave it to me.  I do most all my prep work right there.  It’s the perfect height for me.  I also use the hooks to hang recipes off of.  Love it!

The stove we got up the road for $75.  We HATE it.  It is off level, the burners work when they want and the oven is no where near calibrated.  Hate it!



Here is the dreaded refrigerator.  I’ve posted about it before, it was a gift from Steve’s mom.  We are very grateful!  Without it, we would have a cooler in it’s spot and be buying bags of ice everyday.  

Four years into owning it, it leaks.  It leaks down under the drawers and then onto the floor.  I really, really, really want a new one.  Hopefully soon!!!



The door leads to Nathan’s room but we blocked it on both sides.  Dog bowl on the floor, cat’s on the table.  If the cat’s food wasn’t on the table, they would never have any food.  Poor girls.  The mini fridge is our “beer fridge”.  It was an idea of Ty’s since every time he came over, there wasn’t any room for his beer in the big fridge.  So, this one holds nothing but beer.  Actually, the bottled water is in there too.  The bag holds recycle cans and the box is recycle for pick up.  We have gotten very green around here.  :-)



This cabinet was made custom for us by (cough, hack) George.  I would be lost without it.  It stores all my Tupperware, fryer, crock-pot, toaster, tool box, Dutch oven.  On top is the microwave and toaster oven.  Plus Steve’s 2 cup coffee maker from Gevalia. 

La, tee, da.



Here is the doorway to the back room.  The step stool had to be pried from my mother’s hands.  See, it was my high chair as a baby and I used it as a step stool all growing up.  It’s been painted every color under the sun… white is a good match for now.  I keep the trash on it so the cat’s don’t knock it over.  Funny that they can prolly get in it better on the chair but they don’t mess with it at all!  I’ve seen copy cat chairs like it at Target and some blogs.  Mine is the true blue vintage chair.  Thanks for parting with it, Mom!  Love it!!



And here is the last of our kitchen.  Actually, this is all we got when we moved in.  The rest of the kitchen was totally empty.  I love having a window at the sink and a dishwasher.  I hate that we only have 2, yes two drawers.  My silverware is on the counter.  I do have them in cute holders from Ikea but I’d prefer them neatly in a drawer.


Ok, Nosey Rosey, that is my kitchen.  It’s not what I prefer but it’s very workable.  My true dream is to have glass front cabinets … LOTS of them and so much counter space that I complain it’s too much to clean!  One day.  Maybe.

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