Thursday, July 2, 2009

June 30, 2009

Steve was home today.  Nice to have him home, sort of.  Odd in the middle of the week but we made it thru.  Today was also the day that Mark came to town!! Yippee!!  He drove down from Ohio for the 4th.  It was good for Steve to be here and spend time with him.

I convinced Steve to go with me to the Sears outlet store to look for a fridge.  I know you know how much I’m not liking our current fridge.  Such a mess to keep up with.  So we found a super nice fridge.  I love it.  But we did not get approved for finance.  We left without a fridge.  It was very sad for me. 



I did HAVE to take this picture as we were leaving.  So funny to see that little, itty, bitty car next to our truck.  I seriously don’t even think it’s as big as our cab.   Can you just hear it’s horn…. (super high pitch) beep, beep.

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