Friday, April 27, 2012

Mechanic Wanted: Experience not needed

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It’s time for the Saturn to be inspected.  The shop says in order to pass inspection, it will need 2 tires ($190) and a driver side control arm ($120) plus inspection ($16).  Steve says “I’ll take care of it”.  So they put a rejection on it, he pays the inspection and on the way home he buys the control arm to put on himself.  O.K. he’s put one on in the truck but it was with Jason (who knows what he’s doing) and with a special tool that makes it easier.  He tells me “this will be much easier!  The car won’t need the tool.  Should be no problem.  I already saved us money ‘cuz the part was just $70!! *big grin* Aren’t you proud of me?!”

I got these pictures because I ended up being his helper. *shocker*  Notice he’s in a flannel jacket.  It was really chilly out!  There were about 1 trillion other things I would have rather been doing.  I’m not totally sure how long it took him to get this done but I do know for sure it was much longer than the cost we saved. 

BUT, the pride he got by completing the job on his own was PRICELESS! 

My hero! *swoon*

**sad note to post that this car officially died less than 2 months later**

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