Friday, April 27, 2012

Sarah can cook!

Little Miss got herself an easy bake oven from Santa for Christmas.  She was really, really, really, really wanting one.  Really.  I mean really.  O.K. let’s move on.  She made us chocolate chip cookies first.  That batch wasn’t enough to fill a mouse.  Oh but the fun of it all!  Yippee!  Everything is so tiny and I had to put on my reading glasses to work with the little tools.  Oh the fun!  She kept saying “I wanna do it!!!” but she didn’t know HOW or WHAT she was doing.  Then there is very specific directions.  OH the fun!!



Here we made pizza.  The dough had to make 12 little balls that were smooshed down on the pan.

Notice that is HER hand!







Then the “yummy” sauce is lathered on top of each dough blob crust.  Mmm.






Yes, that is my thumb, squeezing “cheese” out of a plastic baggie.  Mmmm.  I couldn’t wait to eat her creations.

Mind you, she’s so proud!  No laughing.  Cover your mouth so she doesn’t see you smile.  I did.



Here is our Chef at work!

GEDC1975 GEDC1976 GEDC1977 GEDC1978 GEDC1979 GEDC1980

See, she even liked it!  She didn’t die from it.  No one did!  She wasn’t full that’s for sure.  I even tried one, see….

GEDC1982 GEDC1983 GEDC1984

I acted as if one as sooooooooooo much I could barely make it.  She wasn’t impressed.  Seven is a hard age to impress.  The “cheese” was interesting to say the least.  But, Little Miss is on her way to becoming a wonderful chef with her amazing Easy Bake oven that Santa brought her at Christmas.  I think after chocolate chip cookies and pizza, pretzels are the only thing we have missed and she hasn’t mentioned them…. YET!

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