Monday, April 30, 2012

Sarah turns Seven


Yes, she is 7.  February 16.  Wasn’t she just born?  Geesh, I still remember morning sickness with her. Seven? Really.  Come on!
O.K.  Big girl.  First grade, 7 years old, in advanced reading, likes a boy… (shhh don’t tell Daddy), best girlfriend is Mikayla, loves pink, hates her brother… sometimes, loves to run, loves to art with mom in the art room, is the best-est helper, not a very good sleeper but loves to sleep (go figure), drinks milk like crazy, LOVES chocolate, knows how to “get down”, has every Barbie movie ever made and every Barbie, can’t wait to be a grown up so she can be grown up, thinks she already is grown up and is MY best little girl friend!!



Not so sure that this is a moment that either one of them dislike each other.   I can only remember one time that my sister was mad at me and we “fought” so it’s so hard to watch these two fight all the time, every single day.  Sweet hugs like this one warm my heart and make me wish they were like this all the time. 
A Mother can wish, can’t she?!?!?!


On her actually day, she got plenty of presents…  She loved all her presents and used them all.
GEDC2016 GEDC2018  GEDC2019 GEDC2022 GEDC2024 GEDC2025

 This year, she had a party at the house.  She invited a few friends and insisted on have a piñata.
IMG_0329 IMG_0355

Cute, huh?!  Poor horse.  Once those girls got a hold of it, only the head survived.  I had to shake the body to fling candy around the yard for all the girls to squeal over.  It was great, so sorry you missed it!


She was a very good hostess that day.  All her guests has a great time and no one went home empty handed or without a proper sugar buzz.  I made sure of that!


A heart shaped cake to boot.  What a perfect cake when your birthday is only 2 days after Valentine’s Day?!  Hey, at least it’s not ON Valentine’s Day, I kept my legs crossed for 24 hours making sure that didn’t happen!!  Last year we did red velvet cake, this year she opted for chocolate instead.  She liked the chocolate much better.  A simple girl with simple taste.

Happy 7th Birthday, Sarie Barie! 

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