Monday, November 28, 2011

November 28, 2011

Have you heard about this?


I’ve seen it in stores.  Here and there saw on some blogs.  But it really caught my eye when THIS post came out yesterday.  I am a loyal “follower” of her blog and laughed everyday last year at Bob’s craziness.  I guess I never put the 2 together but this year I DID!  The children and I went to Target, bought our adoption kit, (got a $5 gift card by the way) and began our adventure with our own little elf.

There is a book in the kit that explains exactly what is going to take place.  Basically, your name your elf and he becomes magical.  Each night he (or she) will fly back to Santa and report who’s been naughty and nice.  Once he’s back, he can be very mischievous.  Then, on Christmas Eve, he (or she) will fly home to spend the rest of the year with Santa only to return on the next Thanksgiving to begin reporting again.  The main rule the children MUST obey is never to touch him. 

Ok, so we read the story.  Over dessert we worked on his name.  Our elf is a boy.  He’s got brown hair and blue eyes.  So we all looked at him trying to think of the best name for him.  Rick?  Bob?  Jackson?  Pip?  Nick? (can you see, the kids miss Jack and Nick?) Carlos?  Tony?  Sassafrass?  Geesh, it’s hard to name an elf.  Then I got up to get a drink and saw it… CHIP.  Yup, we all agreed that Chip is perfect.  So, without further ado, let me introduce Chip…


Isn’t he adorable?!!!  We just love him.  I know, it’s time to decorate for Christmas.  I will do that this week, I promise.  I want to enjoy my pretty mantle for a little longer.  Ok, back to Chip.  So, you never know what he’s up to while you sleep.  I’m guessing that he got to Santa alright last night.  And he got back in the house… some how.  This morning, Sarah and I came down stairs.  I was too groggy to think straight but she was on top of things.  She walked into the kitchen, saw our adoption kit and said “ ‘mornin’ Chip.  Oh MOM, I wonder where Chip is.”  Ok, I’m awake.  “Let’s go see”.  Well, he wasn’t on the mantle where we left him.  It was a little dark so we went on the hunt.  Bathroom?  “CHIP”  Guest room?  “CHIP, where are you, little guy?”  (she’s so cute!) Art room?  I said, “Geesh, Sar, Chip is so small, how will we find him?”  “Don’t worry, Mom, we will!” What a trooper she is!  Back to the living room…  We found him…

GEDC1465 GEDC1466

He was playing the Wii!  What a little stinker.  Sarah was so excited about him she couldn’t wait for Nathan to try to find him.  Of course, Nathan was much less excited about it all.  5th graders aren’t easily impressed, you know. 

I find Chip to be a fun addition to our family and can’t wait to see what fun he brings each day.

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