Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November 30, 2011

Chip, Chip, Chip.  He’s so silly.  Here is what we found him doing on Tuesday morning….



… and he looks so innocent… NOT!!

Who knows how many M & M’s he ate.  He may have given them to the cats.  No, they don’t like chocolate. 

He’s so sneaky.

The children loved his message.  Nathan found him and was laughing at how Chip spelled “says”. 

Sarah was upstairs crying that she didn’t find Chip first.  Oh jeez.  You just can’t please everyone, right! Right?






So, when we got up this morning, Chip was much easier to find….



Yup, there he is hanging out with Sarah’s Barbie in Sarah’s room.  Her favorite Barbie, she told me this morning.  So now is Chip a “ladies Man”? Hmmm. 

As I woke Sarah, I said “Chip is in your room”.  Boy, she was up faster than I’d ever seen her move.  Where?  Where?  Then she just laughed.  That Chip is so funny.

Nathan now wonders what silly thing will happen in HIS room.  I’m sure the possibilities are endless in there!!!  We still have 23 more days with Chip so we’ll just have to see what and where he will be each morning.

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