Wednesday, August 3, 2011

August 3, 2011

Finding things to do with the children every day in summer is not an easy task.  We try to keep a low profile.  Try not to spend lots of money.  You know, be frugal but have fun.

Cobblestone Water Park is the perfect place.  It is just up the street from us.  It’s water fun.  It’s frugal.  It’s full of other children looking to have fun also.  So, we went.  Check out the fun they had….

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Nathan and I got some pretty bad burns.  We put on 30 SPF 3 times but it wasn’t enough.  Sarah on the other hand…. well, we call her Pocahontas now.  She just turns a beautiful shade of brown with no burning at all.  My mom says I did the same as a child.  Wonder what happened. 

It was a super fun day for all of us and we will be sure to go at least once more before the end of summer.  Maybe we can get Daddy to go with us!!

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