Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August 2, 2011

Two days in a row?  Yes!  Here I am again.  What should I share today? Hmmmmm…..  Well, I could share that I went to the dentist today.  I had to have 2 silver filling removed, cleaned out and filled with “tooth” colored filler.  I took a picture of my swollen face on the right side but I think I’ll just share that horror with my mom.  Your welcome.

How about some home improvement stuff?!  Good?  Good!

GEDC0087   GEDC0086 GEDC0088

Here are the before pictures of the living room.  Ty had already started on the edging but you get the idea.  The entire house was painted in this ugly, brownish, grey poupon, baby puke color.  The living and dining room were gifted the TWO TONE look.  No.  Not feeling it.  We looked for a solid week for the right color.  Green?  Brown?  Tan? 


We settled on a color from Glidden called Cafe Latte.

GEDC0095 GEDC0096 GEDC0097

It really is hard to get a good picture of the true color.  Depending on the way the light hits it, you could see a light brown or even grey.  It has a warm feel to it.  Much better than the two tone!!



We did all this painting back in February.  Let me go take a couple current shots….

GEDC0932 GEDC0933

Here is the living room all put back together.  Notice that the clock is the only thing hanging on the walls?  We can not find prints that we both like.  It’s getting painful.  I can’t say how much longer these walls will be empty.  At least they are painted.  Oh and he got a rug.  What a baby he was about that!  All we need is new sofas and prints for the walls and this room is done. Oh wait, we still need an insert for the fireplace. 

Being an adult isn’t as much fun as being a kid… I think I’m ready to be a kid again!!!

Hope you liked my post today.  Will you please leave a comment?  Please?!?!?!  Thanks.


Jennifer said...

Love the new paint color!! Looks great!

jacque4u2c said...


Anonymous said...

Good Morning!

Thought I'd check out your blog this morning before I get to busy. Love the photos of the house and trip south. But most of all I love you...cause I'm the MoM.

Have a super day!

Tanya said...

Love the color and phewy on Steve having a say in what goes on the walls....Glad Jim doesn't care hehe. I had a root canal last week and on Monday got to have the build up and filling. Boy I think my dentist is a nice guy but when I'm in the chair he is Mr Hyde..or is it Dr Jekyll?