Monday, August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011

My little monkeys have made it one full week with Steve’s parents and were turned over to my parents last night.  Already, the girls have been shoe shopping.  Thanks, Mom!  One more thing I don’t have to get before school starts. 

Having to think about school brings me to these….

GEDC0741 GEDC0742

This was their last day of school.  Kindergarten for Sarah and 4th for Nathan.  They both had awesome teachers!  It’s so hard to imagine that this is his last year in grade school.  Didn’t he just turn 5?  10? Oh, he’s pushing 11 and acting 15.  Mothers: hug your babies!!  Time goes by WAY too fast.

Children, I hope your week with Bubbie and Grandpa is fun!  See you monkeys very soon!!!

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