Thursday, September 9, 2010

Open House

Don’t want to forget about the boy now, do we?!  Of course not!  His open house went great.  He has Mrs. Anthony this year.  Not sure how long she’s been teaching but a girl came in to visit and said she was 20…. if she was 9 in 4th grade… at least 11 years.  Right? Right.

Any way.  He knows just about everyone in his class.  He got to pick his desk… for now!  I tried to get a picture of him with Mrs. Anthony but one mother was just “blah, blah, blah” so we moved on to pictures of him……




I asked him to look

happy and I got this….




Then we traveled around to see some other teachers.  Not many of his previous teachers are still at this school.  Most were chased away by the horrible principle they used to have.  We LOVE our current principle, Mr. Joseph!!! 

While visiting with one of the 3rd grade teachers, one of our very favorite families came over…..


Meet Ja’shawn.  They have been together every year since Kindergarten, except 1st grade.  J is our best buddy.  He’s had sleepovers with us.  We trick or treat with him and his sister every year.   He makes us all laugh!!  What a fun boy for Nathan to be such good friends with.

A side note about J…. he was born without thumbs.  You can’t notice unless you really pay attention.  He can do anything that we can do.  In fact, he learned to tie his shoes WAY before Nathan did.  Nathan told me in Kindergarten, “there is a boy in my class with 8 fingers.”  I don’t know if that is what has drawn Nathan to him but we are happy to have J in our lives!!!

Have an excellent 4th grade year, boys!  We love you tons!!

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Kathy Eddy said...

I love your photos. So full of fun and joy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Hope you come back soon to visit or better yet, follow.