Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pink-ity Goodness


Yesterday we had to cut nails and re-polish!  You know we have to look our best at Kindergarten open house.  She is always wanting to do more than one color.  I put my foot down and told her to pick one for her toes and one for her fingers.  As we were polishing, here is what she said… “I have to have purple on my toes and make sure my fingers show pink-ity goodness!”  Glamour.




Open house went GREAT.  Here is our big girl with her very first teacher, Ms. Miller.  There are 5 kindergarten teachers this year so it’s a very large bunch.  Sarah’s class is the last Kindergarten class before you hit the four 4th grade classes.  Perfect!  She couldn’t get any closer to Nathan unless she started in 4th grade. :-)

When we went to check out the classroom, she looked around and asked where her teacher was.  I said, right there, and her comment when she looked up at her was “Oh she’s beautiful!!!”  Nothing like some sweet talk on the very first visit!  Can you say teacher’s pet?!



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