Thursday, September 23, 2010

Catching up….

Man, do I have things to share with you! 

We had our first day of school about 3 weeks ago.  We did the typical back to school pictures.  We did have to add Sarah to the list of pictures.  But then, Daddy wanted in.  Here is a bit of how that went……




Here  we are at the Dr. office day 3. 

Found out Nathan had food poison from the Lunchable he ate on day 1. 





On the right, we are back the very next day to find out that he was positive for Strep Throat.

Welcome back to school, Nathan!


Everyone is healthy and happy now.  Well, Steve says his throat is sore.  Sarah cries when I drop her off… not everyday, she’s getting better.  Nathan officially says he hates school.  He says “6 hours of boring.”  Seems tough to be so smart at 9.  I wouldn’t know since I never had it as easy as him.  I like having “6 hours of boring” right here every day!  :-)

Once again, everyone is healthy and happy now. *wink*

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