Thursday, September 23, 2010

I love my husband!

We have been married since April 17, 1999.  We started dating April 17, 1994.  He’s my best friend.  Most days, he is very cut and dry.  Give him the facts… Quickly… and stop.  I’m sure he won’t find this post very amusing but I do!!  This one day makes me laugh every time I see this picture:


I was going to the bathroom and when I looked at the door, this is what I saw.  Now, if I wasn’t actually going to the bathroom, I would have wet my pants laughing.  Here is why….

I was doing laundry.  One of those days where nothing in the house was safe from the washer.  I think I actually made the children take a bath so I could wash what they had on.  Towels were on the list to be washed.  Now, this set of hooks on our bathroom door, hold Steve’s towel and my 2 (the children have hooks in their rooms).  The towels were finished in the washer when Steve proclaimed that he was going to take a shower.  Oh crap, I’ll just put HIS towel in the dryer so it’s nice, hot and ready when he gets out.  Right? Right!

As he finishes and the water goes off, I hear “BEC-KY!!!!”  I check his towel in the dryer but it’s still mostly wet.  I hurry back to the bathroom and tell him thru the door.  Ok, he says.  Didn’t seem mad.  No additional help requested.  I figured that he found the towels next to the sink.

Well, he found a towel.  *snicker*  A hand towel.  *snicker*  And he dried off with it!!  *snicker*  He’s 6 foot *laugh* 3 inches tall.  *laugh*  When I saw that hand towel on the rack drying, I grabbed it.  Really trying not to laugh, I asked him if this is what he used to dry off with.  He replied with the most serious face “of course I did, there aren’t any other towels in the bathroom”.  *holding my side laughing*  Poor man. 

We have lived in this house for 5 years.  I ALWAYS keep extra towels in the bathroom.  I can’t say that he learned a lesson that day since it really didn’t phase him that he used a hand towel to dry off. 

It still makes me laugh!!

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