Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beautiful Day

Man, we had such a beautiful day yesterday!  Monday too.  Today (Wed. March 9) I’m too tired to see how nice it is but I’ve heard it’s suppose to be nicer than the last 2 days.  Ok, back to yesterday…  the kids and I decided to take a walk down to the creek (my Jan 4th post was at the creek!).  I wore Capri's and the kids had shorts and t-shirts on with their slip on shoes.  They both were so ready to get in the creek and play a bit.  Camera in my pocket and we are off.  Let me say for the record that little Miss Sarah has had me laughing so hard these past few weeks.  I see her trying so hard to be big but she gets words confused.  Had to tell you that first so you understand just how funny this story is going to become.

So, we get to the creek and it’s moving pretty good.  Not too fast and not too slow.  There is a ton of slimy algae growing on all the rocks and around the edges.  Ewwww!  I don’t really want them in that water but they came to the creek to get wet and they are determined to get wet!  They both take off their shoes and find a place to get in…..

SD534369  SD534370

Nathan is way braver than Sarah but I’m thinking she’s just being cautious.  He’s in and making his way across….

SD534371 SD534373 SD534378

Yup, he slipped and fell in.  Half his butt is soaked so why not just crawl to the other side?  Sarah has a better plan….

SD534381 SD534382 SD534385

She’d rather show her cuteness from the bridge!

Now, the real fun begins.  Nathan realizes that the ground hurts his feet and now wants his shoes back.  Sadly, we are on opposite sides of the creek.  Would be best if one of us crosses the bridge but hey, why not “throw them”?!?!  *mental note: don’t throw anything to Nathan across the creek EVER AGAIN!*  I tell him NOT to let the shoe fall in… what happened… you guess it, the shoe falls in.  He races down the creek so he can get it as it passes him but wait!  It gets stopped by a rock.  Enter stage right, our heroin, Sarah….

 SD534396 SD534398

She rescues the shoe!!!  Yippee for Sarah!  She has saved the day!  Nathan is forever grateful!  She’s all proud of herself when the funniest thing comes out of her mouth.  Picture her eyebrows together, her voice is stern and a bit loud when she tells Nathan….. “I risked my LIFE in the allergy to save your shoe, Nathan!” 

Good thing I went potty before we left or I would have peed my pants right there.  Love you, Sarah! 

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