Thursday, February 4, 2010

February 4, 2010

Are you in shock?  I am.  It took me a minute to remember what program I use to blog.  Blog.  Why haven’t I been around?  Hummmm.  Would you believe that aliens took me away and… no, I doubt you’d believe that.  How about… I’ve been so busy… lame.  Maybe, the kids have been… sorry, try again.   No reason not to blog.  There, I said it.  No reason at all.  Back in August, I got caught up with my mom’s birthday celebration and then school started.  Before I knew it,  a month had passed and I didn’t blog.  So, why not “recap”?  Yeah that’s a good idea.  But then what happened to me Oct., Nov, Dec. and Jan????  No idea.  Aaaaaaaaaannnnnnyyyywho, here I am!!! :-)  Are you happy to see me blogging again?  I sure hope so.  I can’t promise I’ll be doing this everyday again but I will try more than every 4 months, K?! K!

Ok, so have you seen the weather we have had here lately?  Snow!  OMG!  We got some back in Dec. in fact it snowed on the kids 1st day of winter break.  Home to play in snow without school… SURE!!  Able to do last minute shopping.. Not so much.  Although, Steve got up the next am at 7 to shovel himself out and had a blast at the mall with Nathan ALL ALONE!  He said if shopping was like that all the time, he’d go more often.  Ha ha ha silly man. 

Our most recent storm dumped over a foot on us but it was the fluffy kind.  We got sleds for the kids that they used maybe once.  They had more fun making a “cave”.  It’s all good.  Before it got too melty, we all took a walk.  By all I mean Nathan, Sarah, Jenny, Jasmine (her dog) and me.  Took some good pictures I think.  Let me share them before I bore you to tears with my rambling.  Enjoy and I’ll see you all again soon…. Promise. :-)

SD534097 SD534106 SD534114 SD534119 SD534121 SD534129 SD534132 SD534138 SD534139 SD534145 SD534147

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sarah said...

we are dealing with all this snow too! yuck!

just found your blog and will definitely follow along!