Wednesday, September 9, 2009

August 24, 2009



First week day of Staycation, nothing too exciting happened.  I did want to share this from our vacation in SC.

Here is Sarah in….  ready…..  My sister’s Purse!  We, or should I say I, gave my sister a hard time the entire vacation about how large her purse is.  It’s not even just a vacation purse, she uses it all the time!  I wanted to prove to her that a small child could fit inside of it and … here you go!  I moved her wallet and things to the side and Sarah got in.  THAT is a BIG PURSE.



panda0225 said...

That is so not nice publizing my purse. That purse comes in very handy when there is a lot to tote around and I am not talking about small children.

cropangel said...

That is way too cute i dont think i would ever carry a purse that big for every day things.