Wednesday, August 12, 2009

July 23, 2009


Nosey Rosey back at asking questions! 


Here is my bed.  It is a queen size that desperately needs to be turned into a king.  We ALWAYS use flannel sheets because they are so super soft and comfy.  Notice that my pillow cases don’t all match.  That would be because Steve has to have 4 pillows for himself and no set has that many.  Not to mention I have 3 for myself.  Pillow heaven!  Our comforter is the one that Steve bought back when he was single.  Nothing too special about it but it’s a little heavy so that makes it extra comfy.  Not sure why but it does.  No headboard.  No reason, just don’t have one.  If I had to buy new everything today, I’d prolly stick with dark warm colors.  I never did like things too girly.

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