Wednesday, August 12, 2009

August 10, 2009

Today the children go to the eye doctor.  Oh the fun of doctor appointments these days.  Whew!  Both of them did awesome!  Sarah watched Nathan get the puff of air in his eye first so she said that she just couldn’t do it.  After I explained that a puff of air was WAY better than getting a shot… she did it no problem.  In the exam room, Nathan didn’t strike me as odd being tested.  Sarah on the other hand made me laugh so I had no choice but to take her picture.




OMG!  Can you see just how small her face is compared to the machine she is looking thru?  Way too cute!!!  It was so cute when she was reading the letters on the wall.  “C, um, circle, I don’t know that one, the letter in Daddy’s name”.  Way too funny!






Here she is with the news that she will be needing to wear glasses.  She is far sighted and the glasses will help her eyes not work so hard.

Can you see that these are so heavy that they are crushing one of her nostrils?  She asked me to stand up and when I did she said I looked taller.  Interesting.

So we are off to pick out glasses….




Here are some.









Here are some more.  She kept trying to get adult sizes but when I explained to her what she needed…..




These are the ones that we settled on.  Or al least a pair just like them.  The outside is a purplish blue and the insides are pink.  She was really insisting on pink glasses.  They will take a week to come in so we should pick them up when we get back from our trip.

Isn’t she cutie with glasses on?!?!?


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I lover her in glasses. Now her and Han can compare eyeglass stories.