Friday, June 26, 2009

June 13, 2009

First day of vacation… (now you know why I’m behind on posting!).

Last night we stayed at the ball field to see if the Dodgers could beat the Phillies.  Should have been home packing.  Oh well, the Dodgers won!!!  Very exciting.  Then I had to rush home to get a load of laundry done for packing!!!!  Opps!

Since Steve decided to sleep in…  I got all 4 of us packed and ready to leave by the crack of noon.  Why is it MY job to pack everyone?  I understand myself.  I even get that I have to pack my children.  But why must I pack a grown man’s bag?  Hummmm.

Any who, we hit the road.  No one ate anything at the house.  Steve feels that once we are buckled in, we are driving straight thru.  Um, hello!!!  We are hungry!  There is no places to stop once we pass Petersburg for at least 2 hours!  Well, there are gas stations but you know what I mean.  So we stopped to eat at Golden Corral somewhere in NC.  Had to pay for Sarah to eat, even though she probably put 2 things in her mouth!  Oh but wait….


  She had NO trouble eating dessert!!

  Can you see the pure delight in her face?!


My girls is all about some sugary treats.

I guess I should be happy she ate!!  :-)

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