Wednesday, June 3, 2009

June 1, 2009

OMG!  June already.  Hard to imagine that back in December when Becky Higgins explained Project 365 that I’d still be going this long.  I know, I don’t post each and every day but I mean to.  Really I do!  I take my pictures each day.  Isn’t that good?  Well, is it??!?!?!?!  lol

Speaking of Becky Higgins….  Don’t you just love her?  She is so adorable.  I love on her blog how she answers questions like “where did you buy that furniture?”  Huh?  *zombie look*  I’m a follower.   Must everyone be the same?  Can't you find cute furniture of your own?  Sorry for rambling.  The reason I bring up Becky Higgins is because she is the reason I blog each day.  I decided not to buy the kit (figured I wouldn’t follow thru) but instead use my blog for Project 365.  I am looking into ways to print this all out but for now, it’s in cyber space for all to read! :)  One of her posts “Pep Talk Time”, I found very helpful.  Let me insert a little of what she had to say:

[ Behind on pictures ] If you have slipped on a few days (or a lot of days!) in taking pictures, do NOT despair. Remember: Project 365 is whatever you want it to be. If you want to take the approach of "this is something we did today", then yes -- actually taking a picture in the moment of something you did that day would be a key part of your process. But life is about more than events. Your life is full of everyday stuff, too. Your routines and habits and "stuff". You want this album to be a full picture of your life right now. That includes little details. So make up those missing-picture days by taking pictures of things (your toiletries, your breakfast, your place of exercise, the book you're reading, the alarm clock, your favorite spot in the house). Or take pictures of people (co-workers, taxi driver, UPS delivery guy, your loved one as he walks in the door from work, your pet in their favorite hang-out spot).

Those that know me, should see what is coming next!


One very specific thing stood out to me in this paragraph.  UPS delivery guy  Hum?!?!  I have one of those!!  I’ve made him part of my project 365 before but now that she says it……











However, my UPS delivery guy wasn’t delivering a package.  He lives here!!

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