Friday, May 8, 2009

May 3, 2009


These are our fish in the living room.  We have a 25 gallon tank.  Inside are these 3 fantail goldfish and one HUGE algae eater. 

These fish are such PIGS that they float like this each night.  Mainly because they have too much air in their bellies and can’t help but float!!  The air is from them eating so fast at the surface.

Stupid fish!

Most nights, the dark fish is upside down, since he eats such in a rush.  See, the white one is the bully.  He’s bigger mainly because he chases the other 2 away when it’s time to eat.  We don’t really like the white one for that reason.  The other 2 have done nothing wrong and have to scurry to get food before the white one sees.  For some reason, they seemed odd tonight.  As we watched TV, we watched the fish.  


HA HA!!  The white one got so full of air today that he couldn’t help but to be upside down!  Oh we laughed so hard.  Serves you right, Meany!!!   I was lucky to catch him like this because he fought hard not to be upside down.   Steve would do a commentary when we watched him… “Oh, I’m safe, swimming, Oh, Oh, UT OH, whew, back to swimming but OH OH OHHHH… UPSIDE DOWN!”  Too funny!

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