Friday, May 8, 2009

May 2, 2009

Busy day!  First, a 9:30 am baseball game.  This was the first one of the season that Steve has gone to.  We lost but played very well!!!  Nathan had a major breakdown.  In rookie baseball (his league) if you throw your bat, after hitting, it’s an automatic out.  Ok, our coaches never told the boys that.  Nathan was at bat, hit the ball, threw the bat to run, OUT.  Um, not fair for the coaches not to tell them.  Nathan was DEVISTATED!!!!  He cried for 2 straight innings saying that he just wanted to go home.  Steve said “fine, let’s go” but we stayed to watch the rest of the game.  Nathan calmed down and decided on his own to return to the bench for the final inning.  Sure hope that doesn’t happen again.

Next.  Off to Tina’s for Madison’s birthday party.  The kids had a blast!  The weather wasn’t making things easy.  We got spotty showers off and on for the whole party.  We were inside, outside, inside, outside.  WHEW!  But, I’ll say it again, the kids had a blast!

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