Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 1, 2009

Do you do April Fool’s jokes?  I don’t.  I think they are mean.  I did, however, tell Nathan the easiest joke to play is “your shoes are untied”.  He said that several kids tried to say that exact thing to him but he didn’t fall for it.  That’s my boy! 

SD531739 Sarah took my camera today.

Who is that artist that does self portraits?  Tanya will know!  Here is Sarah’s version.

She even says “cheese” before she takes her own picture! LOL


Here are a couple she got of me.  I found her to be WAY too close to my face but she didn’t do half bad.. or I wouldn’t be posting them!

SD531743 SD531744

A bit blurry but my digi doesn’t do very well up close and personal.

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