Monday, March 30, 2009

March 29, 2009


Today is Stephen’s birthday.  He’ll tell you for weeks that it’s just another day but in reality, he loves his birthday!  2 years ago (he turned 40) we had a huge surprise party for him and he was so shocked.  He told me afterward that aside from our wedding day and the birth of both children, that was his best day ever!  OK, I’m rambling. 

He bought himself a Play station 2 and 4 games.  He’s been in heaven ever since.  SD531719-1

We went out for Mexican dinner yesterday to celebrate (there is more today!) since we love Mexican food. 

How about this drink….




SD531720-1 I love this picture of him and Nathan!  We don’t get to take many like this and I need to make sure we do.  A lady told Stephen the other day that Nathan looked JUST like him.  That was nice to hear since everyone has been saying that both kids look like me all this time.


We got fried ice cream for dessert.  The kids had never tried it before.  Way to much fun!

SD531721-1 SD531723-1

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