Thursday, March 19, 2009

March 16, 2009

Tonight was the PTA meeting.  This month is art and music appreciation so the 2nd graders put on a show for us.  Guess what… Nathan is in 2nd grade! :-)  He’s in the 2nd row, 6th from the left.


They did songs that they use in the class to learn thing like…

the water cycle song (water travels in a circle, yes it does…it goes up as evaporation, it travels around as condensation, it comes down as precipitation, yes it does … YE HA!)

the globe song (I’ve got the whole globe in my hand,.)

the numbers song (5+5 is 10 you know, hurrah hurrah,)

And then they did a song with the teachers in the school.  Their principle, Mr. Joseph, wrote the song himself called “Within these walls”.  I got to hear it for the first time a week ago and it’s sooooo touching.  I tried to put the video on here so you could see but I can’t. Sorry.  Here are some of the words…..

Within these walls, we find our way, through all the rhymes and reasons, we hear day to day, within these walls, we always know, they’ll be special people here to help us grow.

Oh my goodness!  That whole song, with the teachers and students singing, was chilling.  Just a very special song and I’m very glad that Mr. Joseph chose the 2nd grade to sing it.

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