Monday, March 16, 2009

March 14, 2009

Welcome race fans to Richmond’s premier racing place.  We are so glad you joined us today here at Lakeside Methodist Church.  There is a buzz in the air and since we are indoors, the weather can’t spoil our fun.  Pack 759 has put together what we believe to be the “best” pinewood derby race in a 100 mile radius!  We tried to get interviews with our drivers before the race but there was a bit of chaos (they were busy playing tag) so we’ll just skip over that.

SD531556 SD531557

Here we have the track and trophy table.  The blue line is to keep drivers away from the track before it’s their time to race.  Some of the drivers had to be told repeatedly to stay behind the blue line but no penalties were issued to any of them.


As you can see, once measured and weighed, the pits filled up fast.  None of the drivers could touch their cars once they had been weighed.  Nathan, being a favorite to win today, has already put his car in the pits.  His is on the right (it’s blue), 5 cars in.  He was positioned in between Matt (the green car) and Jack (red truck on the other side).  Should be an interesting race!


And they are heading to the finish line….

The excitement is overwhelming!!


And it looks like it’s gonna be close…

Will Nathan be the winner????

Stick with us, race fans!!!




Yes, yes Nathan is the winner in his Wolf Den!  Oh the excitement of it all.  He can’t believe it either.  And this, his rookie year, a major milestone for him in the scout world!



Here is his winning car up close for you, his fans, to get a better look at!  Happy racing and see you all again at next year’s Pinewood Derby!!

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