Monday, September 29, 2008

Slow Poke

It was brought to my attention last night that I'm a slacker on my blog. Shocker!!! I just don't think about posting here. So, let's catch up.

Nathan is in 2nd grade. He's an excellent student as far as work goes but he is trouble. He just figured out today that homework is "hard". Once he had his tantrum over spelling the word hurried, we were able to get all 15 words on paper... twice! This Friday is his first cub scout meeting!! He's very excited to be a cub scout so we are all glad for him. I'm not as excited to be his assistant den leader! I got hooked into doing that and there is a ton more work than I ever thought there would be. Should be fun in the long run I think. We'll see.

Sarah, oh my Sarah. She is a handful at times. She can be so adorable, we play and act silly, read stories and even make up our own. Then the mood changes and she's miserable to be around. She has this look. I know I have it too but when you see it looking back at you it's not so fun. Steve usually says "oh no, here we go again with the look." It's true and it is very hard to get back my sweet little girl.

Steve is working super hard these days. Seems like each week he is coming home a bit later at night. He's exhausted! But the check at the end of the week sure are helping. We are not great with our bills but they seem to be in check. He got his restricted license changed back to a regular one on Tuesday last week. He's all set to take himself fishing now and he can't wait!! This Saturday, him and Jason are going out on the canoe again (leaving Nathan behind this time :( ) and I'm sure they will have a great time.

Lastly, we got the truck fixed a couple months ago so I'm no longer a prisoner during the week!! Yeah for me!! Now the car is taking it's last breaths. It's very sad but after 14 years you really can't blame it. I took the car when I drove to Charlotte in August and I swear it thought it was going home to die! I stopped at my sister in laws first and I could just imagine pulling into her driveway only to have the car go "PPPPAAAAA" and never move again. I don't drive it anymore since I've been stranded with it not starting and I'm ALWAYS with the children. NOT fun!!

OK, that is enough for tonight. I'll try to post more often here. No promises though!!! :-)

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