Tuesday, September 15, 2009

August 27, 2009

Today is Nathan’s first day of Fall Ball.  We are all so excited.  He was in the rookie league last year (with machine pitch).  Since he will be 9 when the spring season starts, they put him in the minors (live pitch).  We have all we need… hat, cleets, mitt… wait… where is his mitt?  WE CAN’T FIND HIS MITT!!!   Are you kidding me?  Geesh!  Off to Dick’s sporting goods to get a new one!  Just what I was planning on spending that $50 on….. NOT!!!

SD533145 SD533146 SD533147

Wait, did I say we were buying a mitt?  LOL  Yes, we did get a mitt but they all had to show me their amazing baseball stances.  I think Sarah is just about fashion “does this bat match my shoes?”  Steve looks like I was a major league recruiter.  Wow.  We still had fun.  Most importantly, Nathan has a new mitt, and we aren’t going to lose this one, and we love it, and it’s the best mitt ever and, umm, I can’t remember what else.  Yeah fall ball, here we come!!

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